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Plane with 164 aboard just 30m from midair collision at King Phalo Airport

A jet with 164 people on board came within 30m of disaster when a student pilot at the controls of a light aircraft mixed up “left” and right”. ( 更多...

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Highflyer1950 8
Nice advanced trainer for a student pilot, retractable gear, variable speed prop & probably auto gear extension but with 103 hours he should have known left from right? Of course, if still a student pilot at 103 hours maybe he doesn’t?
Stuart Barkley 2
What does 103 hours have to do with knowing left from right?
belzybob 2
Presumably a student commercial pilot.
bentwing60 2
According to the SACAA incident investigation, he held a student pilot certificate only.
Scouse23 0
PA-28 Retractable gear? Variable speed prop? Yeah, it has a throttle but I don't remember it having variable pitch if that's what you mean?
William Winter 1
You are right. It did not have variable pitch prop.
bentwing60 1
"Prior to August 1997, the FAA required a high-performance endorsement in order to act as pilot in command of an aircraft with more than 200 horsepower or that had retractable gear, flaps, and a constant speed,(the correct term), propeller."

The PA28R200 was listed as 'high performance' per the old reg. and required a logbook 'high performance endorsement' because it has retractable gear, flaps and a constant speed propeller. The 200 was horsepower produced by a Lycoming IO-360-C1C6 engine that 'has a constsnt speed prop'!

The original "variable pitch prop" was ground adjustable only.
Brian Rushfeldt 0
he shud be violated and grounded.
Brian Rushfeldt 1
years ago I had a similar incident. a student on base leg told to turn right and overshoot . he turned left and went over top of a DC8 on final by about 100 '. he was violated and grounded until he got more training. so fast I only got part of the warning to the 8 out ... he was by.
John Addison 2
I flew with a navigator - you'd hope they knew left from right - he had a big "L" on his right glove and an "R" on the left. When pressed he replied that if I were flying the silly thing facing backwards, I would too !
csammut 2
Some people have a problem and confuse left and right. When I was a student air traffic controller (many years ago) we had a colleague who had just this problem. Of course he had to drop out and went on to become chief met officer. This problem is more common in women.
KM Reid 0
Sexist methinks
Jerry W 2
On a statistical sample of 1 (my wife) he is totally correct
Jim Mitchell 1
not if he has data that would show that.
ADXbear 2
Way to advance of a training aircraft.. I dont know how he even qualify to fly it solo from an insurance or skill stand point. The pilot had better get some hard radio listening instruct at a complex airport so he is not overwhelmed with all the communications going on.. then fly a 172 at small tower airports for a while..
Paul F Harris 1
maybe he needs 2 have a hearing test recheched
Mike Mohle 2
I love the term "near-miss" used frequently to describe these types of incidents, makes no sense. A "near-miss" would be a collision.

david fairchild 1
Agreed. It was a miss or a near collision.
bentwing60 0
Sometimes it's easier to take the Chuck Noland approach, (Castaway), "I don't know why".

Near collision, far-miss, who knows?

Where did "onomatopoeia" come from?
Scouse23 1
Inbound from the north to do circuits, positioning for rwy 11 and instructed to turn right and continue routing north of the aerodrome... in a left hand circuit setting up for a base leg join the aerodrome would be on their left - maybe a better instruction would have been "continue routing north of the APPROACH (or CENTRE LINE)"? 🤷🏻‍♂️
david fairchild 1
"PA285 turn right immediately" is a perfect instruction. Does the student not have a grasp of the English language? Ground him/her.


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