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New York and Boston are finally getting a seaplane link with 75 minute flights and fares starting at $395 one way

Tailwind Air is launching seaplane service between New York City and Boston starting August 3. Flights are only 75 minutes long and flyers can show up as late as 10 minutes before departure. Fares start at $395 and as many as four daily flights will be offered starting August 21. New Yorkers and Bostonians will have yet another link as an airline is finally launching seaplane flights between the two cities. (www.yahoo.com) 更多...

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United Airlines to outsource catering operations from October

United Airlines said on Thursday it was moving forward with plans to outsource its catering operations following a six-month review, similar to other airlines' strategies. United said it has selected three suppliers to operate the airline's five kitchens and oversee menu design and administration. The airline's staff were informed of the decision in a memo reviewed by Reuters. Employees in good standing would be offered a job at one of the future suppliers and about 70% would… (www.yahoo.com) 更多...

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Western Aviation Fuel Shortage Spreading

A sporadic aviation fuel shortage that began a few weeks ago in the Pacific Northwest is now spreading nationwide according to the Dallas Morning News. Now airlines are warning their pilots they may not be able to fuel up at their destinations and to make contingency plans, (www.avweb.com) 更多...

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Sleeping at the airport: American Airlines flight attendant, pilot unions complain about lack of hotel rooms

The unions say American is failing to provide adequate hotel rooms in a timely manner. The pilot and flight attendant unions filed grievances with the airline over the issues. Labor unions representing 40,000 American Airlines pilots and flight attendants say the carrier has failed to provide crews with enough transportation and adequate hotels during layovers, a trend that is depriving them of rest in some cases. In grievances filed with the carrier on Tuesday, the Association of Professional… (www.cnbc.com) 更多...


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