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US Conducts Military Flights in Guyana to Prevent Possible Venezuelan Invasion

The U.S. will conduct joint military flights with Guyana as growing border tensions with Venezuela create the potential for a Venezuelan invasion of the country. Guyana, which currently has a small aviation industry due to its small size and population, will likely see a major expansion in the coming years. The discovery of vast oil reserves in Guyana is expected to create strong demand for business travel, with United Airlines already announcing a direct route connecting Houston: the global hub… (aeroxplorer.com) More...

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Airbus wants to bring Beluga to USA

“ Airbus Beluga Transport applies for permission to operate in the US, aiming to expand its services to transport outsized cargo for commercially contracted customers.” (simpleflying.com) More...

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A plane took off and landed from a Northern California airport with no pilot on board.

The flight was operated by Reliable Robotics, a Mountain View-based company founded in 2017 by former SpaceX and Tesla employees. The Reliable Robotics flight made history as the first large cargo aircraft to fly with no one on board, according to the company. A converted FedEx Cessna 208B Caravan took off Nov. 21 from Hollister Municipal Airport and was in the air for about 12 minutes. A pilot commanded the flight from a Reliable Robotics control center, according to the company. (www.sfchronicle.com) More...

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Cathay Orders Upto 26 New Airbus A350F Aircraft

With this purchase agreement, the total count of new aircraft deliveries for the Cathay Group reaches 77. (aviationa2z.com) More...

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Alaska Airlines pilot accused of trying to crash plane avoids charges for attempted murder

Alaska Airlines pilot indicted on 84 charges but no attempted murder (www.aerotime.aero) More...

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I wouldn' bet on it!

Just a tad curious What the old pros. here think as well as the larger group whom have and never will land any airplane on any perfect day? (www.accuweather.com) More...

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Russian airliner forced into emergency landing after engine fire — report

A Boeing 737 en route from Novosibirsk to Moscow made an emergency landing on Dec. 8 following an apparent engine fire (english.nv.ua) More...


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