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'If you see a deal, you should buy it': Frontier Airlines CEO

The sky's the limit, according to Frontier Airlines (ULCC) CEO Barry Biffle. "Bookings have been surging for several months." Biffle told Yahoo Finance Live, "If you're planning on going somewhere, you need to book it, because, you know, people are literally going to run out of seats." (finance.yahoo.com) 更多...

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She Fell Nearly Two Miles, and Walked Away

At 17, biologist Juliane Diller was the sole survivor of a plane crash in the Amazon. Fifty years later she still runs Panguana, a research station founded by her parents in Peru. (www.nytimes.com) 更多...

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Why the Aerospace Industry Wants More SAF

Aerospace-engine giants General Electric and Safran laid out plans to dramatically cut carbon emissions for commercial air travel on Monday. The pair unveiled new engine designs and even talked about developing technologies to use hydrogen gas as fuel in planes. The biggest potential cut to carbon emissions however, for the industry might come from sustainable aviation fuel, or SAF. The problem is, no one can get enough of it. (www.barrons.com) 更多...

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Graphene-based, meringue-like material dampens airplane engine noise

Some potential new tech for engine noise (and other?) suppression for engines; wonder if this may be useful for super sonic flight or stealth(y) aircraft. --- When scientists tested the new aerogel material's sound absorption abilities, they successfully reduced the roar of an airplane engine by 16 decibels, making a jumbo jet sound more like a hair dryer. -- (www.upi.com) 更多...

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Airspeeder completes the first test flight for its electric flying race car

Electric air racing just took a significant step forward. The Verge reports that Airspeeder recently completed the first test flight for its electric flying race car, the Alauda Aeronautics Mk3. A remote pilot flew an uncrewed version of the eVTOL aircraft over southern Australia with the country's Civil Aviation Safety Authority watching over the test. (www.engadget.com) 更多...


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