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American Airlines responds to video of pilot threatening to 'dump' passengers in Kansas

American Airlines has issued a statement defending the actions of a pilot who said he would "put this plane down in the middle of Kansas and dump people off" if they didn’t behave on a flight leaving from Washington D.C. on Friday. (www.foxnews.com) 更多...

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Pilot Report: My 737 MAX Simulator Ride

One of the requirements for the return to service of this aircraft is that pilots undergo a training session in a simulator. The purpose of the sim ride is to familiarize pilots with the behavior and possible failure modes of various flight control and indication systems. The ride included demonstrations of the normal function of the speed trim system (STS) and Maneuvering Characteristics Augmentation System (MCAS) during a stall and failure scenarios of angle of attack (AOA) and airspeed… (www.avgeekery.com) 更多...

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Those Mysterious Dark Helicopters Were Landing On Multiple Downtown LA Rooftops Last Night

Atrio of mysterious gray Bell 407 helicopters equipped with unique antennas, which may belong to an especially secretive U.S. military aviation unit, was up in the skies again over greater Los Angeles yesterday. You can read more about what we've been able to determine about them so far in our initial reporting here. During their most recent flights, two of them landed multiple times on rooftops in downtown L.A. This is very reminiscent of realistic urban training exercises that the U.S.… (www.thedrive.com) 更多...

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De Havilland Set To Suspend Q400 Production

Canadian turboprop manufacturer De Havilland Canada is preparing to press pause on the Q400 project. The total backlog of Dash 8-400s at the present time is just 17 aircraft. Once those are built, no more will be produced unless further orders are received. With plenty of planes on the secondhand market and the lease on DHC’s factory up for renewal, could we be approaching the end of the Dash 8 project? (simpleflying.com) 更多...

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Flight Attendant Union Calls On Airlines To Combine No-Fly Lists

The AFA-CWA is asking airlines to share their no-fly lists with each other, as a matter of security (yourmileagemayvary.net) 更多...


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