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EMIRATES Boeing 777 departs Frankfurt with 90km/h windgusts

EMIRATES Boeing 777 departs Frankfurt with 90km/h windgusts (www.youtube.com) 更多...

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U.S. requires inspections for wire failure on Boeing 737 Classic planes

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) said on Friday it was requiring U.S. operators of 143 Boeing Co 737 Classic series airplanes to check for possible wire failures stemming from an investigation into an Indonesia crash in January. The 737 Classic is an older generation of planes more than two decades old. The FAA said the issue affected 1,041 737-300, -400 and -500 Classic series airplanes worldwide, but many are currently out of service, because of COVID-19 or other issues. (www.yahoo.com) 更多...

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American Airlines Explained Their Plan For Inflight Meals, And You’re Not Going To Like It

American Airlines has a plan for first class meals. They are going to be smaller, with fewer items heated. And expect the bread to be served room temperature, though I’m not sure how they expect you to spread butter on rolls that haven’t been warmed. That’s according to explanations that were given to employees at question and answer sessions held last week by airline President Robert Isom, recordings of which were reviewed by View From The Wing. (viewfromthewing.com) 更多...

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Delta Air Lines Just Made a Bold New Decision. Here's Why It's So Controversial

This is a story about Delta Air Lines and the number-1, most controversial issue in business right now. (www.inc.com) 更多...


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