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Student Is the Only Passenger on 8-Hour Flight in Viral Video

A college student was boarding an eight-hour international flight from London to Orlando, Florida, when he realized that he was the only passenger on the plane. ( More...

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I recall a story from many years ago about Saudia who had a flight to London with one passenger...and they lost his luggage!
THat cracked me up! Hahaha!
Bayouflier 30
Hard to believe those "nice" flight attendants couldn't put this guy in one of the 50 empty business class seats. Shame on you BA.
Probably a "Weight and Balance" issue.....LOL
Andre Page 3
I was on a SWA flight where we got a larger replacement plane, they had us spread out in the cabin. Yeah, pretty cool, like a private flight! ;-)
srobak -4
they were just playing for the social distancing ruse.
From what he said, he got the first-class treatment, so they should have boarded him into first class.
Agree. A lost opportunity.
Paul Miller 4
Yes Sir I agree with you on that matter, goodness me he could have at least had a nicer sleeping type of seat to use for that long flight. I wonder what the rest of the cabin crew did during the flight ? just sit and get paid for doing nothing I guess.
Certainly was a one off!
Dale Ballok 0
“Goodness me”?
srobak 3
it's how people speak properly, when expressing surprise.
Dave Mathes 4
...shame on BA?...they got him to his destination, on time, on schedule...I say, kudos to BA...
Ricky Scott 1
Picture I saw didn't look like it had any. Could be one of those cattle car vacation jets.
Scott Shields 2
The picture in the article is a stock photo of a 737. The operator of the flight (British Airways) operates a 777 on that route, so there would have been a first class section on his flight.
Huck Finn 13
Wonder if they made him wear a mask for the duration of the flight?
srobak -6
you can pretty much bank on it. this is the same industry who keeps you 6 feet apart in line at checkin, security, boarding and baggage claim - yet shoves you into a metal tube, 18 inches apart from 200 total strangers - after you have to climb over their lap to get to your seat.
srobak -9
awww someone got butthurt by the truth and downvoted. LOL....
befreefilm 0
I upvoted your comment and it counted as a downvote.
“Must keep the sheep asleep.”
Pete Pereira 3
Umm, my upvote counted as an upvote. Agree, the comment is the truth. The downvotes are an indication that there are true sheep amongst the readers and they're just complying with their programming: "Stay alert and identify anyone who shows signs of deviating from the path to the slaughter house." LOL.
srobak 0
Roger that!
srobak -5
hah.... not at all surprising. but thank you for the efforts! :)
Jim Highfill 6
Had a late night connecting flight, MSP-MCO. My wife and I were two of 25 on a brand new Southwest 737-800. The flight crew said we could sit anywhere we wanted, but asked us to stay in those seats so they could account for everyone. It was a different experience for sure.
Ian Gregory 5
My first flight in an airliner was trans Atlantic with my Father, we were the only passengers in First Class, I came down to earth on my next flight and the 100's since then.
Callie Biemer 8
Never been the only passenger, but one year I was traveling with my mother and our DFW-MEM flight only had us and 3 others all in first class. All of us were nonrevs. Had another one that was a red-eye SEA-ATL with 18 in coach and just me in first, I was a regular on that flight and the crew invited me to enjoy the view from the jumpseat.
srobak -3
of the passenger bulkhead? I woulda stayed in first. lol
Callie Biemer 5
Cockpit of a 767-300ER. Nice view flying across the country at night.
srobak 0
In 1965, when I was in the military, I caught a late night flight from Frankfurt to JFK, and on the flight there were more flight crew members than passengers. That was the first time I experienced REAL social distancing on a 707. It was a pleasant flight...
D Kaufman 2
Wow. I wish I could have but I never got to fly in a 707. I worked on a lot of KC135's, which I also never got to fly in, and know that airplane inside and out.
Alan Dahl 1
Despite flying since I was 1 year old in 1959 I don't believe I have ever been on a 707 either as the airline my father worked for didn't have any. However I did fly many times on Boeing 720s so I got most of the same experience that way.
Pete Pereira 1
Early 1970s… as a young boy, flew on the Bombay-Aden route, Air India's B707s equipped with the Pratt & Whitney JT3C/D, its strange-looking 5-lobe hush kit appended. Visited the flight deck a few times and discovered that they used a sextant as insurance against the Inertial Navigation system at night over the Arabian Sea. Sometimes it was Pakistan International Airlines' VC10 on the route, with a stop in Karachi. I remember the haze in the cabin air from all the cigarette smoke and if you looked closely you'd find the tell-tale amber streaks of nicotine/tar in crevices.
That was back before quiet engines and no contrails. The 707 was a great plane..
Mike Paradise 4
I was a non-rev trying to get from ORD to IAD/DCA/RIC/BWI and there was an ORD-IAD 772 that went under a nearly 10 hour mechanical delay...all of those pax filled up the other DC flights so I sat around and waited for it to leave as it needed to get to DC for a flight to FRA. Eventually left and I was the only pax on the 777...felt very eerie but sat in First and the crew threw in a hot meal for me.
Dave Mathes 3
....yea, for those eight hours, he was "THE DUDE"...once in a lifetime experience!...
Many years ago I was on a Lufthansa 747 with only 12 passengers, from FRA to ORD. They served us meals from first class.
john fiore 3
Nothing in Orlando...tht why it was empty...
Happened to me on KBOS - KDEN UA flight. Broken plane delayed departure till late night (10 hour delay). Hung around since I wasn't doing anything. Only 2 of us on the plane. 737-800. Everyone else managed to find earlier flights. They had to ferry the flight for the next day I guess. And yes I had a Business Class seat.
Joseph Glavin 4
Years ago I was a pilot for Continental, going from Austin to Houston late one night with one passenger. We asked the guy if he wanted to ride on the jumpseat in the cockpit, "No thanks", then offered him a seat in First Class, "No, my seat assignment is 22C, I'll sit there". Whatever!
I had a similar situation one a flight from SJU to MIA. There were maybe 10 of us on the plane. The Gate Attendant was like "You can board now."
jerry hamm 1
Artie7998 1
Almost certainly a stupid question here from me not involved with the airline industry, but wouldn't it have been far less loss for the airline to have waved a bit of incentive money in front of him to take a later flight and just not have flown the plane at all? I know when I was a starving college student if you waved a bit of cash in front of me you could have not only gotten me to switch flights but gotten me to sit out on the wing the entire flight as well ;)
Pete Pereira 2
Welcome to logistics! There were plans for an airplane to make a flight from Orlando to somewhere, based on the successful completion of that flight from London to Orlando. You can imagine how nightmarish this game of Musical Airplanes gets when even a localized storm results in five airplanes not being where they are supposed to be, or an airplane gets stuck due to a mechanical issue popping up. Much appreciation for those who manage fleet logistics.
Artie7998 1
ok, thanks, yeah that makes sense, probably should have occurred to me - even if no passengers need to be there, the plane still does!
Scott Aikman 1
One passenger on a flight reminds me of the time in about 1970 when we(I was an operations /passenger service agent at Air France at ORD…
We had 2 747s grounded due to wx and had to find hotels for around 600 people…..
That was crazy……
In 73 I got hired by the FAA as a controller
That was fun, too, until we went on strike in 81 and got fired….
At least I got to meet Elvis when he came to perform in AZO….Cheers, miss aviation
srobak 1
as a federal employee you should have known better than to go on strike. just be happy you weren't in the military and tried that - you would still be serving time in the brig.
Scott Aikman 1
I enjoyed my time in the Air Force, also…As an intercept control tech..
Life is an ever flowing experience…
I’m happy
Greg Cotten 1
BA would not send me out on a earlier nearly empty flight instead keeping me on the over sold later flight, even though I was early, willing, and able!

Not only that, but with a horrible attitude!
I was on one of those in the early 1970's on a flight from Pittsburgh to Miami, maybe a United DC-10? While I was given a first class breakfast, I was not allowed to move forward in the cabin.
Juan Jimenez 1
I once had to take a flight with my wife on US Airways. The flight was delayed for a repair and we went to get some food, when we came back all the pax had been put on another flight, except us. So when the original flight decided to leave anyway, we were the only pax on the aircraft. We sat in business class and the FA had the gall to try to order us back to coach. Needless to say I told her where to stuff that BS. She then yelled that we were not going to get business class food, at which point I yelled back that "WE DIDN'T ASK YOU FOR BUSINESS CLASS FOOD, BIMBO! WE ONLY WANT TO BE MORE COMFORTABLE, AND IF YOU DON'T LIKE IT ASK THE CAPTAIN TO COME HERE!" He did, and he looked at her with a perfect "What the f*** is your problem?", told us to enjoy the seats and ordered her to serve us business class food and any drinks we wanted.
srobak 1
that's awesome.... good on you guys, and glad you enjoyed the seats.
srobak 1
since he was making a bed anyhow - he shoulda gone to 1st or biz.
Jeffrey Bue 5
I don't think the flight attendants will let you move to business or first unless you're ticketed in that class. I had a similar flight experience about three years ago: Hong Kong to LAX. Flight was less than 10% full and I had three rows to myself. Business class was almost empty and I asked to move to there and was told I couldn't because my ticket was for economy class. To top it off - I'm executive platinum with AA and that still didn't matter. The airlines and their rules are some of the most ridiculous. Didn't matter.. I did just like the guy in the article.. moved the arm rests in the "up" position, laid down some pillows and blankets and slept like a baby for almost the entire journey. Probably one of the most enjoyable long flights I've ever experienced.
srobak 1
I've been able to move multiple times. It is at the attendant's discretion. Especially on a completely empty plane.
adalbert29 1
#s of CO2?

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Alain Duncan 3
You're probably thinking of Canada.
Mark Kortum 1
UK lifted all mask, vaccine, and lockdowns yesterday. US President won't answer questions about the same subject.
Nultech 4
Glad the Brits are freed. Only joke in US is the maskless idiots who prolong the pandemic
Huck Finn -4
Maskless Idiots? It think the idiots are the ones who have been hoisting this useless requirement on American travelors for the past two years.
srobak -4
that was his point - he was being sarcastic. :)

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srobak 1
Huck Finn -8
Let's Go Brandon!!!!


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