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Albatross flying boat manufacturing returns and will be built in Australia

A new version of the legendary Albatross flying boat will be built in Darwin, featuring digital avionics and enhanced turboprop engines from Pratt & Whitney. Manufacturers Amphibian Aerospace Industries (AAI) said the new generation G-111T is an “incredible aircraft of great and practical use to humanity” because of its huge variety of uses, including search and rescue, freight and coastal surveillance. ( More...

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coinflyer 14
And unlike the Clipper this thing has landing gear which will make it even more versatile. I have no doubt that if performance is good and the price is right this thing will be a huge success. And it looks great too!
Juan Jimenez 3
The HU-16 Albatross was an amphibious aircraft. It already had landing gear. The Clipper was a totally different aircraft, larger and four engines instead of two.
skylab72 1
Clipper is a generic term that referred to several (or many depending on your point of view) different aircraft types. Sikorski, Consolidated, Boeing, and Vought all built examples.
skylab72 1
and Martin!
Juan Jimenez 1
In this context, it doesn't.
When I was based at Naval Air Station Corpus Christi Texas back in 1963 and 1964 the Coast Guard had 2 HU16-E based there. As a Navy Diver, my dive partner and I had a chance to ride along on a mission. There was a Shrimp boat in the gulf taking on water so we delivered a pump so they could stay afloat and maintain a sea worthy vessel. The delivery was a water landing. Everything worked out for the Shrimp boat. As I remember the aircraft was very noisy with only 3 to 4 seats in the cabin area. It had an auxiliary power unit (very noisy) in the back of the cabin area. They used it to start both engines. We were glad to help and enjoyed the ride. What an interesting day that was. BTW… Navy Corpus had at that time squadrons of T-34 / T-28 / A-1E Skyraders and TS-2A Grumman Tracker for multi-engine training. They also had P2V Neptune’s. Those were the days of Round Engines. What a sound to remember.
EMK69 10
Good to hear, for many of these smaller island-hops and locations this type of A/C is a much need.
Assuming this is built like the original Grumman it will be an amphibian, not just a flying boat.
Bill Bailey 5
It will be ........... if it ever gets built.
Torsten Hoff 3
Given the name they chose for the company, you are absolutely correct.
coinflyer 5
Not quite the Boeing 314 Clipper but I'll take it!!
BigBook 5

When flight testing new airframes in Darwin Harbor, mate, keep an eye out for giant salties!
An exciting development! And, it's planned for manufacturing in Darwin is icing on the cake. Many capable people there, great resources too. And the NT needs opportunities like this. Boeing and Airbus really cant devote resources to something that is really a niche market, so leave it to the small guys with the money (I hope)
About time. The Island communities and rescue teams need an amphib that allows them to get to the victims they find instead of waiting for hovering short range/slow Helo. So, we talking the original range and speed of the original design, or something longer legged and a few knots faster? Note if zero emissions are a major goal then the design will be flawed and not the rescue and service aircraft of its ancestor. If after the design for toughness, and superb performance for the missions it is to serve you can get Low emissions engine without losing Capability that is great. Low emissions should only be a follow-on goal after the new aircraft has been in the field a few years. Again Toughness, Capability, Sea worthiness, Range, payload and versatility 1st and foremost. Low emission for fuel efficiency and range will come in follow up models.
Michael Hope 5
There is already an aircraft to do this job, it is the CL415/515.
EMK69 2
Well said and totally agree.
Chris George 2
Living in the NT and the doing some research into the company behind this, I have real doubt that this project ever will lift up. The initial proposal and contract was cancelled in an other state.
For me it looks more like a scam, unfortunately.
Wow! A speck of heavy industry returns to Oz!
Juan Jimenez 1
To be fair, a significant portion of the Boeing 787 was designed and built in Oz.
Harrell54 1
Which portions?
Which means that there may be more opportunities for amphibious pilots. Exciting!
flyer02 1
Readers may not recall that this was to be built at Warnervale, NSW.
I also believe in Santa Claus.
Gregg Bender 1
Brilliant! A tough and versatile aircraft resurrected.
SorenTwin 1
That's great news. Nicely done.
Juan Jimenez 1
This is VERY cool news. :)
Bill Bailey 1
I'll believe it when I see them rolling down the production line.
john baugh 1
`If you look at the Pentagon's recent inquiry into the possibility of putting the C-130 on floats, this makes much more sense. YOu can carry about as many troops as an MV-22 Osprey but land in a cove and pull up on the beach. Plus, they were built by Grumman, so these are just being re-manufactured and most of the flight testing has already been done.
A converted Albatross:
Bill Bailey 4
It's not an Albatross, it's a Grumman G-73T Mallard, a smaller, but similar little sister.
The Mallard has a wingspan of 66'8" while the G-111 has a wingspan of 96'8", almost half again the size.
Thank you. Got to believe that this will be a more welcome sight then a P3 or C-130 overhead knowing you've been found but still going to wait for a CG cutter to pick you up.
Paul F Harris -1
The only thing missing will be the rumble of two big Pratt & Whitney radial engines instead will have the turboprop whine
Michael Hope 6
The original Albatross used the Wright Cyclone R-1820, 9 cylinder radial, not the P&W twin Wasp R-1830.


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