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Passenger Plane With An Engine On Fire, Making Emergency Landing At Rockford Airport

Allegiant Air has a bird strike shortly after takeoff and makes an emergency landing in Rockford ( 更多...

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flyingj481 4
Glad they landed safely but the writing in that article is the real disaster. No clarification of what MABAS is but glad we now know that a bird strike means they hit a bird.
joel wiley 2
Welcome to the two-edged sword of Internet news. Anyone can publish anything.

The website cited is one that was built by a person who wanted to popularize the hobby of running police scanners:

The site seems to be a local focus and interest site and does not have the staffing and polish of better known sites. It may well be a local community interest site built and maintained by a few people. They posted an event in the community which someone posted here.

Being originally from the RFD area (and being familiar with the idiot who has that site)...I am stunned that anyone on this site would link to that idiot :-)
Tim Duggan 1
The grammar as written is indeed awful...IF I were a seventh-grade English teacher there would be red circles all over it, and a "C-minus" at the top. (and that would be generous)....
Well, Rickie sounds like a 5th grader, judging by his writings here. Maybe should stick to his rodeo riding instead, eh?
mike bialko 3
Here is a video of the bird strike from inside the plane. Pretty cool
Chet Yancey 2
The video shows the results of an engine failure inflight. That's what it looks like coming out the engine tail pipe during darkness. It would be beneficial to know if they found the results of a bird strike on fan blades etc. It's dark out, obviously icy cold, had been snowing and brings up the question of why geese or any other bird would be flying around in those conditions. The folks on the ground could tell within minutes of a visual inspection whether it was bird fod or the result of ice fod. Nothing in this article speaks of the results of any such inspection. Just curious. Fortunately this didn't happen at three in the morning at the Boise, Id. airport.
joel wiley 1
AVHerald reports it as a bird.
Chet Yancey 1
Thank you for your post and link.
Years ago RFD allowed dog owners to chase off the Canada Geese...but, some animal rights nuts put a stop to that (and TSA assholes). So, the Geese are there. There is also a giant trash dump just about a mile south that the geese love to hang out at. Plus the river that is right there...
Glad all souls made it safe.

Fire reported by passengers ? Working on their mental anguish lawsuit -
Flame out - goose roasting parts "Officals stated no fire" :)
Pileits 2
We're those bird carrying picket signs?
No but reports are coming that they were nice and crispy and had small packets of BBQ sauce
scott8733 0
Glad the crew members were able to land safely.

I'm more surprised since this has been posted for a day there haven't been any wisecracks about the crew and pax being the most prepared for something like this - as they take their lives into their own hands being on Allegiant A/C as it is.


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