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BITTLE: TSA = Thousands Standing Around

According to the website, the agency — with an annual budget of $7.6 billion — boasts employment of “nearly 50,000 security officers” working each day to “safeguard more than 450 airports across the country.” Really? Color me skeptical, but regarding their hiring practices and attendant vetting processes, the TSA could do better. As a group, TSA employees — government dole recipients all — seem to share apathy and indifference first, followed closely by inefficiency and idleness. ( 更多...

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It's like the DMV with an optional body cavity search.
max lyons 5
Not sure about other airports but when I fly out JFK no matter what terminal or airline I'm using and no matter what time of day there's ALWAYS an abundance of closed lines (usually upwards of 5) and about 20 TSA screeners hovering around the 3 lines that are open. And then people complain why it takes 60 minutes to clear security at JFK...
I can't tell you the number of TSA "agents" that I see just wandering around, texting on their cell phones, and just generally not doing anything when I go to the airport. I'm not talking about at the security checkpoints, I'm talking past hovering around the gates. What the heck is up with this? We can most certainly do better than this!
Same at DFW. Lines closed down. The ones that are open have three people watching the scanners and xray images... you know, shit they are supposed to be doing. The other 47 "agents" in the area pace around, text on their cellphones, blow up their little blue latex gloves..... you know, shit they did at their previous jobs at Church's Chicken.
Its like that everywhere... there are LONG lines at MCO because of that same reason! But do those "agents" open up more lines instead of standing there with their thumb up their crack? Nope, they opt to steal ipads and anything else of value from our luggage. I really think the TSA needs to slim down.
joel wiley 2
This sounds like an application for inclusion on the 'no-fly' list.
Imagine, speaking of the Emperor like that!
suz 1
But hey ... the throngs of the TSA spend a lot on airport food concessions ...

isardriver 1
tsa is a joke and a waste of money
sparkie624 1
I second that. They do not do enough where they need too, and too much where they should not be... And Sometimes I wonder if their hiring department uses mental institutions for employees
bbabis 1
I have nothing good to say about the TSA so I won't say it. What I will say is; give me 3.8 billion annually and myself and Israeli friends will do a ten times better job.
i haven't had to take my shoes off at lhr in years. on a recent return from lhr to alb i made the mistake of using ewr. on arrival at ewr i had to change terminals. being exhausted, i showed tsa my id & boarding pass, put jacket & carry on in box, went to x-ray scanner, upon stepping out the agent said i don't qualify. i said what do you mean? he said you have to be 75+ to keep your shoes on. i'm only 72. using a friends expression " what a load of crap"


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