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Thai Airways is looking for a new home for six Boeing 777-200s

Thai flag carrier Thai Airways International has announced the sale of six Boeing 777-200 aircraft. Under terms of the Letter of Invitation (LoI) to purchase, potential bidders have until November 21, 2022, to express interest in the deal, the airline said in a letter dated November 7, 2022. ( More...

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Chris B 1
Have to believe there can't be much value left in one of these, not only due to hours and cycles,plus its also engine dependent. Their future might be scrap, but if they are lucky, PTF converters will take them up

Shenghao Han 1
Yeah they already are 25 years old... not much value left but for scrap...
PTF converters usually aim for planes in their early 20's, would be tough sale with this short notice。
Shenghao Han 1
Most airlines got rid of theirs years ago... they are getting rid of even newer 777-200 ERs and LRs now... It would be bargain or tough sale for Thai Airways...
mbrews 1
These were early-build 777s. Registration HS-TJB is actually Boeing 777 production line number 32. First flight May 1996. With Rolls Royce Trent 875 engines. Some parts buyers may emerge.

IMO with their age and history, these birds will not fly again. Likely will be parted out and converted to aluminum beer cans


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