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Boeing 737 Max On Course To Meet Reliability Goals

A year after its entry into service with launch operator Malindo Air of Malaysia, the Boeing 737 Max has registered a fleet-wide 99.4 percent dispatch reliability rate, a performance Boeing Commercial Airplanes vice president of marketing Randy Tinseth pronounced as higher than “any new airplane entering service.” ( 更多...

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djames225 1
I guess, in a way, Boeing won the Boeing/Bombardier spat..their BS claims against Bombardier seemed to have stalled out sales for the C-Series, all the while their MAX was taking flight in deliveries and sales.
Oh and btw Randy..the MAX is not really a new aircraft..newer yes but not "new" New would have been the 787, the A380, the C-Series
superliner 1
Air Baltic just ordered 30 additional CS300s (15 firm, 15 options). In fact, Air Baltic's fleet will be almost all C-Series in a few years according to the airline. And other airlines are seriously considering ordering the aircraft, including BA. Total orders are now at more than 400. And I don't see how Boeing actually won, the whole point of the hoo-hah was to impose an almost 300% levy on the C-Series, thereby preventing sales to U.S. cariers. That fell through when Airbus purchased a 50.01% stake in the C-Series program (just high enough) and will be built at Airbus' Mobile, AL plant, so the C-Series can now be sold to U.S. airlines, in particular Delta, which has a hefty order for the plane.
djames225 0
Boeing won when sales to US carriers basically stalled out while they waited to, and said no to we will not purchase with that kind of increase. Carriers needed craft and so swung either to Airbus for the A300 series or Boeing. That did not just fall through because Airbus hopped on board, it fell through because the US Trade Commission thot the tarriffs were uncalled for.
Remember Boeing now has over 10x the amount of sales for MAX..their little "world took notice" huff didnt cause them to lose stalled Bombardier's ability.


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