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Police Escort For Tennessee Takeoff

It’s not every day a pilot gets a police escort for takeoff but a Cessna 172 owned by the East Tennessee Pilots Club had motorcycles and cars with lights blazing for its short hop to Island Home Airport near Knoxville on Wednesday morning. ( More...

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callisto012 16
Better than an F-16 escort.
Dave Mathes 13
...was there a decient resturant nearby?....just askin'...
Mark Brown 11
And no highway signs were harmed in the filming of this incident.
Nathan Cox 6
This would be just another day in Alaska. If you need gas, you land on the highway. Although many just land on sand bars for fun. Watch out for the people that want to call 911 *for* you after you pull off to the Chevron station...
James Simms 6
That last comment reminds of John Belushi pulling up to the gas station in his P-40
Dave Mathes 3
...long live 'Wild Bill Kelso'...
Donald Crotty 3
I landed on International Drive and 31 blown engine. Almost got that attention. Landed aircraft safety and its back in the air now. The 172 did great but he he forgot golden rule put fuel in the fuel tanks.
Jill Malcolm 3
Glad it went as well as it did! Under the overpass then a wing waggle of farewell. Thankful for the police escorts to manage traffic. Must have made their day much more interesting.
travistx 6
Proof of concept for circular runways...? ;-)
WhiteKnight77 3
That was my exact thought.
bbabis 5
And crossing runways overhead!
cparks 2
Don’t be that guy.
George Polos 1
The word here (Knoxville) is that this was a student pilot who had a friend along and ran out of fuel. I do not know if this is true. This is the talk through the pilot community here. I believe someone other than the student flew the plane off of the highway. Guessing he lost his ticket. You think?
Usual Suspect 1
I'm really surprised they let him take off again from the highway. I'd have thought they would have required a flatbed, etc. Frankly, I'm impressed.
WhiteKnight77 2
Why not? The plane wasn't damaged from what was reported. The speed limit on that stretch of highway is 55. That is about 15 MPH under a 172's take-off speed and highways are actually designed for 70 MPH. With the next obstacle over the road is a sign truss approximately .4 mile down the road, he had the room to get airborne and over it without worries.
Robert Lewis 1
Love what video does to props, like what my right side mirror camera on my Accord does to vehicle wheels.
WhiteKnight77 1
Digital video does that, film or video tape cameras didn't do that.
Goneracin 1
Reminds me of the scene in Cannonball Run when Burt Reynolds and Dom Deluise land for beer on main street in a small town.
I wonder how a Cessna would handle in the chicanes...
Curt Cannon -1
Bozos like this guy are what makes our insurance so expensive.


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