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Boeing knew of B757 design flaw but didn’t inform operator thinking won’t happen

It happened not once but twice on other air carriers. ( 更多...

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airuphere -2
Just like McD did with the Dc10 cargo door... found it in testing.. got the FAA to play it down.. I’m sure Airbus has had a few too.. when the FlyBywire killed those execs at the Paris Air show failed go-around.. as in sure car companies do too... and NASA withholding critical info from crews etc... it sucks but it happened every where we’re now learning.
Torsten Hoff 7
The incident you are referring to was the crash of Air France Flight 296 at Mulhouse–Habsheim (not Paris) during a demonstration flight with journalists and members of the public. No executives were killed, three passengers who survived the initial crash died from smoke inhalation.

The fly-by-wire system isn't what caused the crash, it was caused by pilot error (unfamiliarity with the airport, failure to identify tall trees at the end of the runway, too late application of TOGO power). The fly-by-wire system did refuse elevator input, but only to prevent a stall. You can debate what's better, controlled flight into the trees (which all aboard the aircraft survived) or a stall with a probable wing drop and nose-down attitude.
airuphere 1
This was also the first Public Display of Commrcial Fly By Wire... so Airbus was very concerned about the official causes of the crash.
airuphere 0
True my mistake about the passengers - however, the captain did say it was an error in the Fly by wire system, not allowing him to apply thrust and pull up, as the plane was waiting for a TOGA command once setup to land. This could also be the pilot not knowing the procedure? Quote from the report I read: “The captain, Michel Asseline, disputed the report and claimed an error in the fly-by-wire computer prevented him from applying thrust and pulling up. In the aftermath of the crash, there were allegations that investigators had tampered with evidence, specifically the aircraft's flight recorders ("black boxes").”
airuphere 0
Which I was saying could of been considered a hidden design flaw.. as you said the computer not taking elevator input despite the captain applying full throttle and attempting a manual go around (not using TOGA button)


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