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Partial closure of Amsterdam's Schiphol airport due to discovery of war-time bomb

The authorities at around 08.00 (local time) on 29 August evacuated and closed the Pier C area of the capital's Amsterdam Schiphol Airport (AMS) following the discovery of an unexploded Second World War-era bomb. ( More...

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Joseph Howes 1
you would of thought that they found that when they were building the airport and pier c because they have to dig the ground up because they need to make the foundations
preacher1 1
You would have thought so but I remember, as an Army brat in Mannheim Germany in 1960 or so, being stopped in traffic about 4 hours with my dad because they found an unexploded bomb in a humongous rail yard, under the overpass we needed to cross, and that yard had been built from scratch after the war.


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