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Falcone’s LightSquared Said to Disrupt 75% of GPS in Tests

Don't you just hate it when the data comes out before you have a chance to manipulate and/or spin it to claim you have overcome all the laws of physics? Unlike the Global Warming scam we didn't have to wait for the hacked emails to come out on this one. ( 更多...

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preacher1 0
They got caught, didn't they.LOL
canuck44 0
A couple of other reports indicate that Falcone's hedge fund is suffering a huge run as investors abandon him...Obama and some of his buddies at one time were investors.

Look for lots of spin in the next few days claiming the tests were improperly this point it is to save the run on the hedge fund. They will try to get approval through the FCC without Congressional oversight before November 2012 but now there is too much Congressional opposition. It is on the list of December 2012 items to watch if Obama is defeated.

If the REIN Act passes, it will end a lot of this "legislation by regulation" no matter who is in power.
canuck44 0
Here is a report on how politicians tried to tamper with testimony by the military and how the company two days before announced the tests showed no interference...pre-spin, I guess.


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