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Delta A350 pilot retirement

I have no info on the crew. I was told this was the first officers retirement. DAL135 AMS-DTW 5-19-22 ( More...

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ADXbear 1
Congrats on a very fine career ending on the A350
jim sisti 1
Odd placement of the ARFF trucks delivering the water salute. I believe the wing walkers got more of the water than the plane did.For their sake I hope there wasn't any foam residue in those nozzles.
Mike T 1
That's how they always do it at DTW, while pulling into the gate. We had an incident when they gave Air France's inaugural 787 flight a water cannon salute and the truck was too close and had to back up very fast in order to avoid hitting the winglet as the plane crossed the zipper road.
David Luddy 1
All the best to the retiring pilot.


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