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British Airways demonstrated its progress on creating a 'Perfect Flight' using fuel made with used cooking oil

British Airways demonstrated a "Perfect Flight" from Heathrow to Glasgow using sustainable aviation fuel. The journey replicated a 2010 flight to show how much the airline has reduced its CO2 emissions over 11 years. Airlines are responding to the industry pollution problem as "flight shaming" gains popularity. British Airways demonstrated how it is moving toward a "Perfect Flight" using sustainable jet fuel and renewable energy amid scrutiny from environmental… ( More...

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bentwing60 2
Does anyone really have a true concept of how many burnt burgers and fries orders this fantasy really means! A prosperous Brit. pub would not get a BA trip 7 to the hold short line with a years worth of product.

Reality is somewhat grim, unless you are inventing it!
Ken Lane 1
I may agree with "bentwing60". Where is it coming from?
Roy Hunte 1
McDonald's? 🤣


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