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Boeing Clears Out its Commercial Airplanes Headquarters Complex in Renton

Boeing employees formerly based at the Commercial Airplanes headquarters campus in Renton have been instructed to clear out their stuff over the next few weeks, according to two people involved. ( More...

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Phil Caron 2
Beginning of the end for what was a great company, I feel bad for the employees who will suffer the consequences of the Chicago "executives" stupidity & greed. I hope Airbus buys them out before it all falls apart and fires the Chicago idiots who caused the downfall.
ADXbear 1
Bring back horse racing, maybe they can offset some of their losses! Lets don't loose sight of all the things Boeigdid to hurt themselves.. this is the by product of those poor choices.
jmilleratp 1
Are they going to China? Wouldn't be surprised.
Robert Cowling -4
Sad. The ending of the ending of Boeing. Who can trust them. To think that a company that was and is the cornerstone of the Everett area can turn its back on all that history and walk away is stunning. Where else will they move? Sad. And they appear to be just giving up. 'No headquarters' makes absolutely no sense. Imagine the money that will be spent to acquire another HQ after the current idiots are displaced and Boeing wakes up. You can't run a worldwide company out of a suitcase any longer. That ended many decades ago for Boeing, but if they keep making such stupid decisions, they will end up back there soon...

If I worked for Boeing, I'd be looking for a way out before it all comes crashing down.
Roy Hunte 3
Umm their head office is in Chicago. They are not totally without a HQ.
I was going off of the quote in the article. But whatever...

"A senior Boeing executive told The Seattle Times in October that Commercial Airplanes CEO Stan Deal is leaning toward effectively ditching the concept of having a headquarters at all: Deal wants himself and his leadership team to be mobile and to work closer to the airplane assembly lines instead of in an isolated corporate tower."

It appears to be their 'Commercial Airplane Group', which is the business they are in, so ditching the HQ for hotel rooms and WFH is kinda insane IMO. Commercial airplanes aren't a 'cottage industry', it's billions of dollars.
Peter Fuller 1
According to the article ‘hoteling’ means working at various offices, presumably in the Boeing Renton complex, or working from home, not working in actual hotel rooms. “Commercial Airplanes CEO Stan Deal...wants himself and his leadership team to be mobile and to work closer to the airplane assembly lines instead of in an isolated corporate tower.”


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