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IndiGo Has Just 13 Weeks To Replace 196 A320neo Engines

India’s Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) has ordered IndiGo to replace every single engine on its Pratt & Whitney powered A320neo family aircraft in just 13 weeks. This means that, across its fleet of 98 neos, 196 engines must be replaced by the end of January, otherwise those aircraft will be grounded. Following on from the news that both IndiGo and GoAir had 15 days to replace at least one engine on a handful of their Pratt & Whitney powered A320neos, the DCGA has now… ( More...

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mbrews 11
- The India DGCA (equivalent to US FAA) has recognized the unacceptable failure rate of
these P&W GTF engines. Yet, very little regulatory scrutiny and action has been forthcoming from FAA for the SERIOUS unreliability of the engine type. ? Shades of 737 MAX where foreign regulators take the lead? Is the FAA sitting still, waiting for graveyard engineering ? Glad to see the India DGCA is acting responsibly, for public safety
Roy Troughton 4
That's a lot of P&W engines! Who is covering the cost of the replacement and are the engines available? It's not just the Neo's that having issues with P&W engines so are the Swiss A220's.
djames225 2
Not just the Swiss A220's. "AirBaltic operates a fleet of 20 Airbus A220-300 aircraft. In the first two years of the aircraft’s operation, the airline replaced 50 engines. Having just 13 aircraft in that period means that almost every engine was replaced twice on average." Bombardier helped with the replacement logistics. Hope Airbus does the same on all those NEO's
Kobe Hunte 2
Yes I was actually wondering the same thing. Pratt and Whitney I hope, they are newer planes and it is the engine maker's fault.
Tim Johns 2
Wow... where does one even GET that many new engines at zero-notice ? Can't imagine there a warehouse with hundreds in stock anywhere. No business is tying up that much capital on "spares".
Hope they don't run out of engines...
Kobe Hunte 2
Thats a lotta stock!
mbrews 2
- Hope doesn't cut it. Don't just Hope and cross fingers. Speaking for myself, if its GTF powered, I'm NOT getting anywhere near that bird.
So far, very little action from US and Europe air safety regulators.
Perhaps the MAX situation has taken all their attention ; not being proactive to address the obvious Unreliability of these P&W engines.
william baker 0
I Agree with mbrews here
Rick Polley -4
What is it with American Aviation Company's. I am a big fan of the GTF as it is engineering common sense. But hey, this is an aviation business. Everything has to be thoroughly sorted and vetted before being released into the market place.
As with Boeing, they murdered nearly 400 people. What has happened to the decision makers at Boeing? You can kill someone with a gun and get locked up for life. Kill nearly 400 in aircraft and that is Business. As a protest none of my family will fly in a Boeing again.
Kobe Hunte 2
well ur stupid....
william baker 0
Well your stupid for not keeping your mouth shut and I’m stupid for saying your stupid and having to put my two cents in lol.


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