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Boeing Projects Exponential Growth In Demand For Airline Pilots

Global Requirement For One Million Pilots And Technicians Tied To Airplane Deliveries The world will face an unprecedented demand for airline pilots and maintenance technicians over the next 20 years as global economies expand and airlines take delivery of tens of thousands of new commercial airplanes. That's the assessment from Boeing's 2012 Pilot and Technician Outlook -- a respected industry forecast of aviation personnel, released Wednesday at the Farnborough International Air… ( 更多...

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"Boeing Projects Exponential Growth In Demand For Airline Pilots Because Everyone Has Been Saying It For YEARS Now..."

FIXED! :) How is this news?? lol
About every six months I read an article like this from someone in the industry. They've been saying the same thing since 1985.
dackman 1
I had the dream. I make more money bucking rivits on them than flying them.
lets hope this new pilots have the hands on training and can feel their a/c. this will get away from the electronics flying the a/c and when they fail the pilots are let wondering what to do. ex- "calgon in buffalo crash" THE FLYING BY THE SEAT OF YOUR PANTS. along with many hours to get to first and second officer status. old ways are needed once more. and yes the pay should be in accordance with flying hours/training, especially on regional a/c.


還沒有帳戶嗎? 現在就註冊(免費),設置諸多客制化功能、航班提醒等等!