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Biggest Exports by US State in 2017

We created out latest map in three steps. First, we used US Census Bureau data to identify the most prevalent export industries in 2017 in each state. Then we assigned a color for each category or industry, generating a snapshot of the geography of exports. Finally, for each state, we labeled the specific sector within the category, so that a state that is light blue for “Machinery/Transportation” is labeled specifically “Airplanes,” “Trucks,” etc. on the map. This lets you quickly and easily… ( 更多...

Traveling the World, One Ferry Flight at a Time

There’s a whole wide world of flight outside of instructing and freight dogging and airline flying. There are many interesting and rewarding ways to make a living in and around airplanes, and Sarah Rovner seems to have hit upon one of the more adventuresome ones. ( 更多...

New York-area Airports Face Sea-rise Risk

A recent report on the future of the metro-New York Airports by the Regional Plan Association paints a somewhat gloomy picture, particularly for New Jersey's Teterboro Airport (TEB). New York Harbor could see at least one foot of sea level rise by 2050, and possibly as soon as 2030, according to estimates from the New York City Panel on Climate Change. By the end of the century that total could be as high as three feet. As a result, the report stated, “TEB would be partly flooded at one foot,… ( 更多...


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