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MESSERSCHMITT Me-262 Replica (N262MF)


The Military Aviation Museum's North American P-51D Mustang "Double Trouble Two" closes in tight on their Messerschmidt Me-262 Scwalbe for the kill over the extremely hostile skies of Virginia


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Greg Byington
Another great shot!
Dwight Hartje
What a spectacular shot!
Looks computer generated to me...
Gordon Zammit
Surely computer generated!
Michael MainieroPhoto Uploader
Its actually not CG, The two aircraft here are N262MF and N51EA. Was shot from an A36 Bonanza back in May of this year
Based on all the other photos of both birds, and looking at the high res, this looks 100% real (aside from the 262 being a repo :) )
also why would you CG it with a pax in the P51?
Dave Sheehy
Fantastic! 5*
Doug Fehmel
Hey. That's our museum here in Virginia Beach, VA. Come one and come all. Warbirds Over the Beach coming this May 2016.
Michael MainieroPhoto Uploader
I was literally about to say that Timothy McDonnell haha
Colin Seftel
Since the real 262 had a 100mph advantage over the P51, I don't suppose this scene ever happened in 1944!
I assure all of you doubters, this is not CG.
Sammy Mena
I think it's not true may be it's one of the games pic
Considering that the 262 is a reproduction because of course there are no actual flying copies in the world, I'm wondering what engines are being used for that airplane??
Vince Smith
This is real, not CG. The engines are GE CJ-610, and the Collings Foundation has a two seater based here in Houston, Texas. Type ratings are available.
Bruce McDanel
Yes, this could have happened in 1944 and 1945. Despite the speed difference, the Me-262 was not as maneuverable as the P-51; and most 262 pilots were not as experienced as their predecessors. A favorite tactic of P-51 pilots was to fire a burst at extreme range at the jet. The jet pilot instead of using his speed and pulling away when he came under fire, would usually make a turn. The P-51 would turn inside the jet and catch up to it and finish it off. Another factor is that for every jet there were usually 50 to 100 P-51s in the sky with them. This often led to a jet flying right into the sights of a P-51. The record shows that the vast majority of jets were shot down by P-51s and a few by P-47s.
I know it is not CG, Michael, I can clearly see the pax in the P51 taking a photo shot forward with his iPhone! Nicely done, Sir!

Merry Christmas everyone!
If that's a real picture... WOW!
Is this available as a print?
Jared Smith
My understanding is that as these aircraft were built under license from the Messerschmitt Foundation and were assigned "verk" numbers beginning where the wartime production numbers left off. Technically they are new production aircraft, admittedly with some significant improvements.

Even viewed from today, they remain an impressive piece of engineering.
Andrew Wilson
IF it's not CG, it's at least heavily Photoshopped. The engines on the 262 don't look real at all. A real disservice to what could have been a really amazing photo. Again, IF the original photo is real.
Anyone else see "The Man in the High Castle"? With that excellent show in the back of my mind, this photo gives me goosebumps!
concratulations for the author and... for photoshop !!!
sam kuminecz
Wow...a lot of haters on this photo...
Excellent shot Michael...this is a excellent photo
jim gevay
This is an excellant air to air photo. All anyone has to do is look at Michael's other photos to know he's an excellent photographer.
Anyone who calls this example of Michaels work photoshoped is clueless.
William Sewell
I read that the ME 262 suffered extreme vibration problems. :-)
Check 6!
He's all over me, MAV...I can't shake him! (40 years earlier)
William Baldwin
As far as CG, it isn't, doubt seriously much photo shopping and as far as I know at least 8 were shot down by P-51s and one by an A-26 Invader in 1944-45! These two excellently restored and maintained planes can be seen at Virginia Beach although 262 needs paved runways, so near by?
Michael Murphy
One of the 262s built at Paine Field, Everett, WA.
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