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Etihad Pilots Now Certified to Fly Both A350 and A380 Aircraft

The airline becomes one of the first to allow its pilots to interchangeably operate both aircraft types. ( More...

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Sani Erbilgin 2
I thought Lufthansa was the first to do so.
avionik99 0
Why is being multi aircraft qualified a "thing"?? Then I read "labor contract stipulations"
alex hidveghy 3
DI’m t know about your “thing” here, but it’s been quite common for a number of years in both Boeing and Airbus aircraft! It’s nothing new or revolutionary.
When I was first rated on the B757, my ATP was endorsed B757/767. Fast forward a few years, I ended up flying BOTH. The 757 and two variants of the 767 with another airline for a few years.
I also happen to know that some Airbus pilots are cross-qualified on the A330/340. CCQ. It’s quite common.
alex hidveghy 1
Don’t know……


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