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Finish What You Start: Appreciating The Man That Launched My Flying Career

One of the final trips of my 20-year career was to take Air Force General Ed Eberhart, commander of Northern Command (NORTHCOM) on visits to the Air National Guard and Air Force Reserve bases in the southeast and south-central United States. Our planned final stop would be Ellington Field, just south of my hometown of Houston, Texas.  As we flew toward New Orleans, I told the other pilot, my good friend Major “Ice” Icenhour, that I learned to fly at LaPorte Municipal Airport, not far from… ( More...

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Rich Pelkowski 1
Thanks for sharing very nice memory for the two of you.
Fazal Khan 1
Beautiful story ...
Henry Taylor 1
Excellent story. Thanks for taking the time to share it.
Daniel Hagan 1
Thanks for sharing.
Bayouflier 0
Very cool story. I was, however, left with a burning question. Where did "Ice" eat dinner that night?


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