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Veteran wingman wants $1.75M from Boeing over emotional turbulence

A former Boeing employee has filed a brief for damages against the aerospace giant, seeking compensation of $1.75 million for emotional distress after allegedly suffering retaliation for speaking up against "targeting conduct" aimed at older workers. ( More...

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Martin Allan 7
Ageism is an increasing problem in companies worldwide.
I have no problem with redundancy for economics reasons etc, provided the employer who sheds employees pay the reasonable & proper severance pay which recognises the emotional consequences of severance in this way. Some folks will welcome the opportunity to retire, others will feel discriminated against because of age etc. This has to be recognised & properly addressed by HR when any cessation of employment is considered.
sparkie624 2
UGH... Another one of these... Tired of this stuff! - Emotional Distress... Not nearly as much of that going around as it appears... Them the go home crying to there Mommy!
linbb 0
Oh wow never thought of that deal had a super that tried to fire me may times over 25yrs. Every time I was on his shift it occurred and was brought to my attention by co workers. His attitude was anyone can be fired right or wrong either way you are gone. I had my fun with him problem was he never realized it but others did.
George Lane 1
"Wingman?" Is that an actual official Boeing job title?
avionik99 -3
Sue for emotional distress over age? Age is what gave him the ability to have all that distress. Can't sue yourself for getting old and emotional. Dude probably sobs watching tear jerkers, that happens along with a million other things to a person as they age. Responding to a situation like this by having emotional distress is due in part to aging. Here's your check for $1, now go have a retirement party and try not to cry!
linbb 1
Calling some one a dude is slang younger people than I use am 79 by the way. Oh and my comment above to another poster. I was 66 when retired and could have kept on working under the other super I had longer due to my abilities as a trouble shooter and mechanic.
Adigun Samuel -4


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