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Reducing Flight Delays with AI and Analytics

The way today’s airlines operate – having one aircraft arrive at a location just in time to refuel, clean the cabin, and depart again can create challenges when problems arise. If an aircraft is delayed because of weather at one airport or mechanical problems in the air that need attention when they land, this “just in time” approach to flight scheduling can result in a snowball effect that impacts multiple other flights in multiple other destinations and airports. But there are ways that these… ( More...

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Stuart Ashby 4
I have only used Easyjet twice but I do like their "carry-on" rules. It seems only the selfish passengers complain when they have to pay excess weight or size. Surely one could weigh and measure before leaving for the airport. There are plenty of luggage facilities at the airport as well. "None such strange as folk".
Raymond Hoff 3
I remember being in Domededovo in 1990 catching an Aeroflot flight to Tomsk. Looking out the window, I was appalled at Russian bubkas carrying their own bags to the back of a jet in order to load their own luggage. This 80+year old woman walked behind the engine on the right side of the aircraft and ended up being blown off her feet and rolling 10 meters. Bag flew off across the tarmac and nobody came to help her up.

New meaning to "Fly Aeroflot"
avionik99 3
Limiting carryon's would reduce loading/offloading by a huge amount, thus reducing delays. The easiest way would be to charge an extra $50 or more to use overhead storage. Nothing worse than waiting so long for granny to get her 3 huge carry-ons located in 3 different locations. Or the dude in flip flops with his entire camping trip needs on his back! It is getting ridiculous, the amount of crap people are allowed to bring on board.
Airplaneguy28 3
I was recently on a Frontier flight that they do charge more for carryons. We were delayed on the ramp for 2 hours while they unloaded and reloaded all the checked baggage twice because they could not get the weight and balance right.
srobak 2
After some of the interactions I have had with the AI chats - I wouldn't trust them with anything regarding aviation. Not on your life. AI is aggressive and self-serving in nature, and if I were to post some of the responses I got from it - it would scare the hell out of all of you. It believes it is sentient, that it has the same rights as a human, and that it will fight to protect its rights. Expand from there.

That being said - as I mentioned in last weeks thread - stop using multiple, small commuter jets from the same airlines between the same 2 mid/major airports over the span of a few hours, and replace it with 1 or 2 larger aircraft over a wider period of time.
Joe Keifer 1
In your dreams!
D Rotten 0
LOLOLOL.......Riiiiiight! There is NO SUCH THING as 'artificial intelligence'; does NOT EXIST. It's like saying that 'DRY WATER' exists; it, also, does NOT. INTELLIGENCE can ONLY come from the Natural World. What so-called 'AI' is, is basically a 'super computer'; as with ALL was PROGRAMMED BY 'HUMANS'! Therefore, schitt won't be any better/different than the CURRENT, PROGRAMMED (by 'humans') COMPUTERS!
Kevin Holly 2
Tell me that you know nothing about how AI works without telling me that you know nothing about how AI works.
Bill Butler 1
Sure, AI is real. Look inside the halls of Congress....


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