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Canadian North to hold farewell for last gravel-friendly 737

Canadian North will dispense with its last Boeing 737-200, a specially modified jet aircraft capable of landing on gravel airstrips, following a final flight on Saturday. ( More...

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mbrews 15
Sorry to see these go. Rugged birds, many are Combi models ( Freight / passenger ).

Hats off to aircrew and airline staff, who operated and maintained these workhorses
djames225 8
At least we still have Nolinor and Air INuit flying these old birds. Canadian North is right thou. Being a bugger trying to find parts for these old workhorses.
Russ Brown 5
I remember combi island hopper 727s on coral strips out of Honolulu. Used to carry a mechanic and a bunch of parts along with a lot of beer.
Thomas Frisch 4
I remember when Nordair launched jet service to Resolute Bay in the late 1960s. Up to then it was DC-4 or, if you were lucky, Super Connie.
David Jensen 3
Ah yes. I have lovely pictures (and memories) of the versatile Canadian Pacific 737 that schlepped us from Edmonton to Resolute Bay.
victorbravo77 5
Well, there's still the Lockheed C-130, the go anywhere do anything airplane.
Larry Toler 6
LOL, and they're easily converted to combis (in the USAF we CP configuration). If comfort isn't an issue just slap some web seats on the sides and middle and they're good to go.
John Taylor 3
All the 130's I've seen had the troop seats always mounted. Not just for pax missions.
James Simms 2
Did just that for several Annual Training tours w/the Guard down to Panama mid-late 90’s before the handover. Six to seven hours each way on the before mentioned web seats & a ‘curtain’ around the latrine/toilet. Once left BHM in February w/snow blowing sideways landing @ Howard AFB to mid 80’s & thunderstorms.
Billy Koskie 6
Gravel airstrips are less susceptible to climate change - yeah, it's called winter and summer.
myalias 3
They're easier to fix when the ground freezes and thaws in unexpected ways, when the underlying permafrost shifts.
John Taylor 1
A better photo of the equipment configuration would have been nice.
Ed Crist 1
Way back when I worked at Prudhoe Bay for ARCO Alaska, there were B737 with gravel kits landing on the ARCO strip. Seems like at that time there were Alaska Air, Wien Air, and possibly Mark Air flying those.
Fritz Cooper -1
Remember the 757? Better short field performance, higher useful load. Are these gravel approved? Trump's re-engined 757 I believe may be so certified.
skinutca 4
The 757 is not gravel certified. Short field and gravel field are not the same thing.

21voyageur 3
But then again, Trump would never be caught going to any site that had a gravel runway. A rougher-than-normal landing could ruffle that hairdo.


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