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Halifax air crash voice recording can be disclosed in civil case

The Supreme Court of Canada says the cockpit voice recording from an Air Canada plane that crashed on a Halifax runway can be disclosed to parties in a class-action lawsuit. ( More...

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Erik Bruner 4
Can be disclosed? I didn't know these recordings were classified.
i5xswipe 4
The actual voice recordings are controlled, the transcripts produced, which trend to redact private or secure information or edited for clarity or language are released to the public.
Jay Berringer 4
Countries other than the U.S. tend to have rather strict privacy laws. Canada is unsurprisingly among them.
Jerry Lane 1
When was the last time you heard one?
John Taylor 1
The only one I heard was chilling and I have no desire to hear the screams from the cockpit just before impact again.
Erik Bruner 1
I've heard many.
Some are quite comical. Some you never want to hear again.
Phil Caron 1
In Canada, freedom of speech is a benefit, not a right. The Canadian government regulates what can be made public, it does so if the disclosure will benefit them. If you want to experience China, just travel to Canada, it's only one step behind. As a Canadian, I do not wear the blinders most Canadians do.
Thomas Frisch 0
Most of these privacy laws are ridiculous.
Alan Glover 3
They are confidentiality laws you are happy to have with your lawyer I'm sure although it would appear any expectation of privacy coming from the current Canadian government (seizing of bank accounts and knowledge of personal medical decisions) is rendered moot.
Tim Dyck 1
The Canadian government has no problem invading our privacy but when they are asked to produce anything they instantly bring up confidentially.


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