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Chinese maker announces 300 orders for new jetliner

A state-owned Chinese commercial jet manufacturer set up to try to compete with Boeing and Airbus says it has secured orders for 300 of its first long-range jetliners from Chinese leasing companies. Orders for the single-aisle C919 were announced Thursday by Commercial Aircraft Corp. of China during the Zhuhai air show in southern China. COMAC also announced 30 orders for its shorter-range ARJ21 jet. COMAC was established in 2008 as part of government efforts to transform China into a creator of… ( More...

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Matt West 8
According to the article, all of the orders are from Chinese entity's. It's no different than the Soviets claiming sales for their aircraft to friendly organizations.

When an organization from a non-communist country places an order, then, and only then, would that be newsworthy event. And I am NOT including Russia in that category as they're pretty much a communist state again.
Brian McCarty 6
Ain’t getting ME in one.
jeff slack 1
They sold 300 to China Southern. (??)
Shenghao Han 0
I wonder why not just call them COMAC, do we have to emphasize they are from China?
I don't think we emphasize Boeing is from US or Airbus is from EU just as much...


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