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White House: New rule will show 'true cost' of plane tickets

President Joe Biden will announce a new initiative Monday that would eventually allow consumers to see a more complete price on airline tickets — including baggage and change fees — before they buy, as the White House continues to search for ways to lower costs for Americans amid persistently high inflation. The White House says the proposed rule from the Transportation Department will prevent airlines from hiding the “true cost” of airline tickets, which would help consumers save money up front… ( More...

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Gary Denning 3
Yes. It will be a terrible imposition on airlines to tell us the true cost of a flight. Totally unfair to them.
Richard Haas 1
'True cost' is in quotes as it should be.

linbb -2
This has to be a joke, wow socialism is alive and well with that dummy. Big government will take good care of you and not let those crooks fleece the public. Oh wow what a deal just like all of his other rants about trucking which went no where railroads that are getting screwed by him. Has no idea what it takes to run anything. Gas prices rise again, give away more tax money its free, right we will see higher taxes. List is long and stupid never before seen.


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