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Newark Airport Will No Longer Be Considered an NYC Hub Starting October 3

Although Newark is actually in New Jersey, it has long been considered an NYC hub because of its proximity to Manhattan than JFK. It is undoubtedly a significant piece in New York’s aviation. Lufthansa Group sent out a memo on Twitter last week, saying Newark will separate from its Big Apple companions. The memo also notes the International Air Transport Association (IATA) “has introduced a new standard for ‘Multi-Airport Cities,'” which are metropolitan areas that have multiple airports… ( More...

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Richard Haas 1
A problem is that if one is flying international from a regional airport to Shanghai one would fly into Newark---a domestic flight which means they must pay for their first bag---and then take ground transportation to JFK for their flight to PVG (after collecting their bag) where they would recheck their bag to PVG for free.
patrick baker 1
this is ultra silly. Look east over the river and see the skyline tall building of NYC, and with a straight face try to con me into ignoring the evidence of my own eyes. Take any form of transportation from Newark into NYC, notice how quickly one crosses over from New Jersey into New York State, and try that nonsense once again. Please....Dumb-ass revisions do not truth make. What else is going on here?


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