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FAA says it wants airlines to replace radio altimeters facing interference with 5G C-band

The Federal. Aviation Administration (FAA) will meet Wednesday with telecom and airline industry officials to discuss push to replace aircraft radio altimeters that could face interference form 5G C-band... ( More...

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avionik99 5
Question? Are "Radio" altimeter and "Radar" altimeter the same thing? I remember years ago installing Radar altimeter systems on A-7 and the A-10 aircraft. But I do not recall the bandwidth's we used.
hf633626 5
According to Wikipedia: A radar altimeter (RA), also called a radio altimeter (RALT), electronic altimeter, reflection altimeter, or low-range radio altimeter (LRRA), measures altitude above the terrain presently beneath an aircraft or spacecraft by timing how long it takes a beam of radio waves to travel to ground, reflect, and return to the aircraft.

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Brian Freeman 5
The FAA provides the very best guidance that 1980's aviation ever had...unfortunately it's now 2022.
patrick baker 11
the FAA plays catchup again with lack of foresight due to 5G explosions in america. What is of greater importance?: that phone addicts can play video games on their cellphones or that pilots can trust their flight directors and the altimeter inputs on final approach down to the threshold in actual instrument weather?
skylab72 1
Don't even get me started on the embedded suites of Colossal Bandwidth Wasters in cellphones! Cell bands voice AND data, Bluetooth bands, WiFi bands {whole alphabet soup}, and Camera. I don't see much of any bandwidth conservation unless the hardware guys backed themselves into a corner and had to have the software guys bail them out... And the software guys throw bandwidth at data-structures issues often enough I wonder if anyone preaches the KISS principle anymore.

But this one the hardware guys can put a band-aid on.
How about 5G companies supplement the newer radio altimeters for existing aircraft ?
skylab72 1
Would you rather pay for it in your cell bill forever (once phone companies have a fee approved they never stop billing it...), or would you rather pay for it in aviation services costs for a year or two?
Ken Lane 3
I want to know who's going to pay for the new equipment. It wasn't the operators who created this fiasco.
skylab72 1
One way or another you are... see above.
No wonder Dan Gryder doesn't like the FAA.
James Werner 1
Typical governmental ready-fire-aim behavior.
cparks 1
Hello boys. I know you’ve had your radar altimeters for like, forever, and we’ve blessed that, but .. funny story. There’s a new sheriff in town and he and his posse got the draw on us. They’re taking over this here narrow bit of property. Sheriff FCC says we can be here but we can’t be guaranteed that we can use the land.

Sorry about that.

My official take is I agree with Sheriff FCC. Since you can’t be guaranteed to use the land then I say you can’t use it.

Don’t forget to love me in the morning.
Craig Good 1
The FAA is getting this one right. There is no problem with 5G, but some receivers are not properly designed.
skylab72 1
The problem with 5G is the FCC should never have sold this particular proximity problematic band to the telecom industry in the first place. The issue was not HIDDEN it was 'discovered' and understood back when the band was still for military use only.
MJ Frank 0
Perhaps Ukraine can shoot 5G C-band signals above the country so Russian fighters won't know what's going on or where they are going lol..
wingbolt -3
Since the FAA rescinded the AD that applies to this issue from the airline equipment then they must want us to believe that the radar altimeter in a DC-10 must be better than one in a new G-650. Not sure I’m buying that logic.

In addition if the AD doesn’t apply to old McDonald Douglas aircraft then why the need to change them? Sometimes the FAA can’t help but act like the FAA.
Dean Brossman 4
AD 2022-04-05 is applicable to Boeing 757 and 767 aircraft and is in relation to the 5G interference with the radio altimeters. This AD has not been rescinded. Maybe I don't understand your comment.
Roy Hunte 2
He may not understand his comment either.

wingbolt -1
If you choose to ignore the previous versions of the AD that’s your problem.
Dean Brossman 2
The AD I mentioned did not replace, rescind or supersede any previous AD. Can you tell me what AD was rescinded so I can understand your comment?


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