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Massive Russian plane stuck at Toronto Pearson after being grounded indefinitely

A large Russian plane has been grounded at Toronto Pearson International Airport and has been prohibited from leaving indefinitely. The Russian cargo plane, belonging to the airline Volga-Dnepr, has been parked at Toronto since Feb. 27 after the Canadian government closed the airspace to Russian aircraft operators. ( 更多...

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John Dale 6
We should just borrow it and pick up Ukrainian refugees from Poland, offer the crew stuck here permanent citizenship in Canada to fly for us instead.
David Faulkner 8
The plane should be repainted with Ukraine colours and give it to Ukraine as a replacement for their destroyed plane.
Peter Ashby 1
Yes,just add a touch of yellow and it'll be ready for relief work immediately!
swanaero1 1
No it should be 2 for 1 as the 225 was much bigger. are there any other volga/dnepr in usa or eu
Here's a shot I took of said plane a few weeks ago. It's the airframe on the left.
Jagtar Sangha 1
Since Russia destroyed Ukraine’s biggest plane, Canadian Government should confiscate the Russian plane and handover it over to Ukraine with their colours to compensate for the loss.
tel001 1
It's an ANtonov 124-100-150 I believe all Russian Certificates of Airworthiness are not considered valid outside of Russia right now.
Kevin Keswick 1
Volga-Dnepr and Antonov Airlines were the ONLY Cargo airlines capable of transporting the heaviest of heavy cargo loads. There are no western aircraft that can compete with the AN-124 and especially - the AN-224 when it comes to heavy lifts. NONE! Not the 747 freighter or even the C5 Galaxy can come close to these aircraft in terms of heavy lift capacity AND NOW THEY ARE ALL GROUNDED! (way to go Brandon!)

Not only did private industry depend on these aircraft - so did western Militaries including the U.S. Department of Defense.

Danny Quinn 0
Yeah but full of ammunitions!


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