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Ukrainian Civil Airspace Closed

After a standoff spanning several weeks, Russian troops have reportedly begun invading Ukraine. Tensions are now higher than ever, and a war is underway. ( More...

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VKSheridan 8
The odds of things getting worse are far greater than the odds of getting better. This is one were nobody can back down yet going forward is worse.
MJ Frank 8
DB Vesty 2
Is Aeroflot 2143 really flying over Ukraine at this moment?
DB Vesty 2
They completed their flight from Turkey to Moscow, passing abut 50 miles west of Kharkov. The pilot is due for a hand-slapping.
DB Vesty 2[0]=AZVoO3Q5wZxKVX_NU4cryUKWuk59rUW805PxVOami22aW4-8VZpeEh_VxLOkYzFm302p6zNDx2FfPpM61RLfC5tD52dwBG5rVx0jxipSDgtcT24I6lllxiCrf5KIIQNFu8I&__tn__=EH-R
Artie7998 4
Don't believe everything you read (or see) on the internet.

--Abraham Lincoln (1923)
Artie7998 1
was supposed to be a reply to Aaron Hall's comment below :(
ugh. why doesn't FA let us delete our own comments????

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Artie7998 2
Wow. Just wow. That's truly amazing. Do you live under a rock?!?!?!?! How is it that you are posting on this site but apparently have never beenonthe internet? If anyone has feces for brains, you will probably need to look in the mirror to see them. I really didn't think it was possible for anyone to be both as stupid and ignorant as you are. Just wow. The "fake Lincoln quote joke" has been around on the internet for at least 100+ years, possibly 200. (<<--see what I did there, Einstein?) Google it, you get about a zillion hits. (Google is the name of a search engine. On the internet. In case you didn't know that.) I quite literally have seen the Lincoln-quote joke referred to hundreds of times. It's a JOKE, genius. It's self-referential. An ironic statement not to believe what you read on the internet that is made up of obviously false facts. Do I need to explain it some more?
21voyageur -3
Yes, please do explain more! Please! Having the opportunity of hearing a lecture from a guru of drole
internet sub-culture (American internet humor), is an honor beyond belief! ! ! That said, and as a passing thought for consideration, perhaps you are spending a wee bit too much time in your parent's basement (<<--see what I did there, Einstein?) Ever thought that you should spend less time on an aviation site and more on one dedicated to forwarding your thesis on dweeb sub-culture? Over.
David Ingram 1
Last week I saw multiple odd named flights of 4 engine jets with no destination out of Mildenhall and Crete flying patterns that were probably NATO EC-135s being refueled air to air. USAF flight never show.
alex hidveghy 1
There’s lots of military activity over Europe right now, both transports, tankers and fighters. USAF, RAF and other NATO. Especially over Poland and Germany.
We know why they’re there.
Arun Nair 1
I just heard the Antonov 225 was severely damaged while in hanger... How sad :( Damn you Putin.
Peter Fottler 1
Unfortunately no one has the the answer to this situation.
David Ingram 1
RRR9847 is south of there now.
Better map.
SkyAware123 0
One plane from India didn't get the message and flew right over it.
Aaron Hall 4
False. That was a doctored photo.

Link from Air India 121 on 2/24 (the date in the photo)

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21voyageur 7
what planet are you on at this moment in time?
Greg Laub -8
I bet you get asked that a lot
Artie7998 3
almost as clever a comeback as "yer momma!"

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alex hidveghy 2
Too bad you got it wrong and did not fool anyone. Russian propaganda at its finest, but so easily detected!
Better luck next time.

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21voyageur 22
"Poor passengers"? Ask a Ukrainian what poor is today. General inconvenience is perhaps a better term. This is a war - people die in wars. People are generally annoyed with inconvenience.
Manuel López 26
Not Russian and Ukranian standoff but Russian invasion. It's very different
alex hidveghy 0
Don’t worry, the crews know how to handle this! Rule One: never fly over a combat zone as a civilian airliner. Just ask MH 17……enough said. I think I know a wee bit more than you.
redsquare44 1
Aeroflot 2143 flew over a few days ago as I watched on flightaware.[0]=AZVoO3Q5wZxKVX_NU4cryUKWuk59rUW805PxVOami22aW4-8VZpeEh_VxLOkYzFm302p6zNDx2FfPpM61RLfC5tD52dwBG5rVx0jxipSDgtcT24I6lllxiCrf5KIIQNFu8I&__tn__=EH-R


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