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FAA Investigating YouTuber Who Probably Staged A Plane Crash For Views

"YouTuber and former Olympian Trevor Jacob ignited discussions and countless breakdowns in aviation media after jumping out of a perfectly flyable plane. The video of the incident has many calling it staged. Now, the Federal Aviation Administration has launched its own investigation... During the flight, the aircraft’s engine appears to stall before failing. Inside of the cockpit, Jacob is wearing a parachute. The video shows him looking around briefly before popping open the door and… ( More...

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Jim Quinn 17
This guy is so full of himself, and my BS alarm has been ringing loudly. He should be nailed to the wall with all kinds of charges especially those for littering, environmental issues with the fuel, etc. Make an example out of him, except that he'd love the publicity.
SmittySmithsonite 2
You're probably right on that last part, lol. I got the exact same impression in the first minutes of his video. Thank God he didn't kill anyone hiking, camping, or ATV riding on the ground.
Shenghao Han 10
Cancel his license and ban him on YouTube. Recently I saw a comic rasing awareness that some "animal rescue" on YouTube are also staged, may result in animal suffering or even death. Sadly it is hard for YouTube to verify this sort of things, FAA definitely helps on that regard.
Mark Ryalls 9
What an absolute idiot shitbird. I hope he goes to jail for a long time. He ruined a perfectly god airplane.
linbb 5
Yes always hate it when some dumb pilot kills a perfectly good airplane. Usually they wreck a good AC doing something dumb and kill some inocent pax too.
Gary Yamokoski 1
Seth Anderson 15
The fire extinguishers hidden under his pants and all the crap he had hidden in his jacket made me spit out my drink I was laughing so hard when I saw all of it. I hope they send this prick to jail for a short stint and take any and all things aviation away from him forever.
linbb 6
Yes this is right up there with the idiot who faked his passing out with a pax on board. That still shows up on TV and should be taken down. These videos are so out of place and all out stupid.

wingbolt 6
Good thing he had his selfie-stick with him. I couldn’t imagine ever jumping out of an airplane and leaving it behind.
Michael Boring 5
Thankfully, I didn't waste my time or risk losing brain cells by watching his video. I read enough about it to know what he did. He obviously did not think this through, and it makes me wonder if he is actually committing insurance fraud. I don't think this is going to end well for him.


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