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United Airlines employees sue company over its 'draconian' COVID vaccine mandate

Attorneys argue United Airlines' handling of its new vaccine rule violates the Civil Rights Act of 1964 ( More...

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jeff slack 10
This pandemic has now broken the death toll of the Spanish Flu in the USA.
Some hoax, eh'?
alex hidveghy 1
The biggest and the bestest numbers ever! Tremendous!
Tim Dyck 1
Wow I didn’t even know it was a race…
matt jensen 1
In 1910 the census showed 92Mn and the 1920 census showed 102Mn
The number of fatals for the Spanish flu was 675k, SARS has killed 702k
bentwing60 -6
Except this is the first plandemic where the PTB paid the 'hypocritical oath crowd' to list the COOF, as the cause of death, the COOF as the cause for admission for treatment when they were originally admitted for a gunshot wound, donorcycle accident or broken sex toy complication! the #'s lie like all the rest.

In case 'donorcycle' offends thee, still have a Honda 1800 wing in the garage and that's what the 'hypocritical oath crowd' calls them. More than a few hip Docs' bought a Big Harley and promptly wrecked them. more Darwinism I guess.

Mike Murphy -1
If you believe that
You're an idiot
Tom Bruce 17
you have the right not to be vaccinated... UA has the right to let you go... you have the right not to fly on UA...and...if you're not vaccinated I'm happy you're not flying... know 9 people who got the virus...
2 died...2 long time (27 and 33 days) hospitalized and one is still suffering 6 months later... 3 got very, in the prime of life..who rode 40-50 miles 3 times a week on his bike could only do 10-15 miles 4 months with monitor symptoms... one with no symptoms...
Mike Murphy -2
You're full of sh*t
alex hidveghy 0
Don’t be afraid! Cry Macho!
patrick baker 20
very funny looking at these employees who are using a tactic to avoid the vaaccine mandate, an injection that will either prevent them from having an episode of covid infection, or later on, avoid a hospitalization and possible complications from a breakthrough episode. The company wants to avoid sickness episodes from its employees, hospital bills, long rehabs, and longer term health effects, and what we see are little minds scurrying about trying to assert their right to be foolish. very sad....Take the jab or take a hike, and see who is hiring dumb anti-vaxers.....
Rick Polley 11
Spot on Patrick Baker. These noisy EMPTY vessels consider that they are the only ones with human rights. They are unable to comprehend that the VAST VAST majority ALSO have rights, and they do not want anything to do with the unvaccinated EMPTY vessels or companies that employ them.
lfilipov747 1
Not quite. Look on the CDC website. It says right there that you can still be hospitalized or even die from C19 and it also states that thousands have, even after having the jab. Most who are refusing this jab are not anti-vaxxers but know the serious side effects of it and know it isn't a traditional vaccine. They prefer to wait a few years to see all of the real effects first.

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alex hidveghy 5
America is not as great as you think it is……MAGA!
That’s why it’s a changing. Time and progress does not stand still, no matter how much people would like to wind the clock back! Fact.
linbb 14
Well wow glad you have all the answers, for one long term effects of any drug is not known for exactly that long term. So putting that statement aside why not take the shot as that will just cause more people to die or have long term problems if they get it without the shot. I got mine as well as all of my other shots that prevented many childhood illness and never saw anyone have problems with them. Health care workers should have all the shots needed to help prevent them from getting things like this or PASSING it along just like first responders should like cops and medics.
Its too bad that people like you think whatever is on the internet must be true please keep your head in the sand and keep on with your internet beliefs.
Roy Hunte 8
You're absolutely right, sir.
Roy Hunte 9
Those employees are stupid.
ADXbear 1
Ok.. then I won't Fly on United anything.. Vax or loose customers, it's easy.
alex hidveghy 4
Yup, you certainly sound very “loose”……🤦‍♂️🤣😂🤷🏼‍♂️
Ann Bodkin 1
I will not fly if crew not vaccinated united airlines or any other airline. I was a Frequent flyer . Do staff check all ingredients of food and drink, alcohol with all its additives which they consume I don’t think so!
Ro Abreu -2
Being vaccinated does not keep persons from getting covid. There are thousands of reports in the internet confirming this. A recent one is a cruise ship which departed from a Texas port with 100% passengers and crew having had two shots of this thing which is called vaccine. After a few days the ship hat to return to port after an uncontrollable spree of covid. So, to think that "if you're not vaccinated I'm happy you're not flying" is a gross ignorance about what really happens as far as the contamination of Covid is concerned. These vaccines DO NOT refrain anybody who is vaccinated from spreading the virus.
alex hidveghy 2
Thousands of reports on the internet……I think I’ll ditch that succinct statement from a stranger and listen to my doctor who trained fo at least a decade and knows his stuff! Thanks…..🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤷🏼‍♂️🤷🏼‍♂️🤷🏼‍♂️

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alex hidveghy 2
Well, one could say the EXACT same thing as your healthcare tied to your employment, right? But hardly anyone does!
Not saying it’s right, but there’s plenty wrong with rules and Regs. Not much common sense any more……
matt jensen 1
Should the 98.7% who survived it before there was a vaccine now take the chance of getting sick again?

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alex hidveghy 4
Bye, bye, black sheep!! 🐑 bwaaah….
Do that, bye


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