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FAA urges airports to help stop alcohol to go amid unruly passenger spike

The Federal Aviation Administration is calling on U.S. airports to help put an end to the recent spike in unruly passenger cases. The FAA is urging airport police to arrest more people who are unruly or violent on flights and asking airport bars and restaurants to stop serving alcoholic drinks to go. "Even though FAA regulations specifically prohibit the consumption of alcohol aboard an aircraft that is not served by the airline, we have received reports that some airport concessionaires… ( 更多...

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avionik99 6
We need alcohol free airports and airlines!! That would go a long ways to make flying a much better experience for all!!
Robert Cowling 1
But the 'restaurants' make HUNDREDS of thousands of dollars on booze! It's insane what they charge for their beer, wine, and mixed drinks. Common prices for mixed drinks at airport 'restaurants', and 'bars' are more than the cost of the entire bottle!

One was in the news just last week, charging $29 dollars for a Sam Adams!!!
Robert Cowling 2
TSA scans carry-on bags. I'm sure they would see those little bottles. The last time I flew, I had two small rum bottles, but after Delta made an announcement that drinking your own alcohol was 'illegal', I saved them for the destination.

The mega-corporations that run the majority of the airport 'convenience stores' aren't going to like this. They make massive amounts of money on alcohol/beer/etc. One insisted on calling Killians 'imported', even after I pointed out if was 'imported' from Colorado! It's selling 'sins' to a captive audience. They are going to poop kittens if there ever was a ban on all alcohol in airports.
Chris Croft 1
Let's have gate attendants perform breathalyzer tests prior to boarding along with vaccination verification, "That would go a long ways to make flying a much better experience for all"
Robert Cowling 1
They already can deny boarding to anyone they feel is 'incapacitated'. Is alcohol fueled aggression 'incapacitated'?
jhakunti 1
TSA shouldn't let alcohol thru screening, congress should tax alcohol sales behind screening at 100%. and anyone arrested for being unruly and there was a record of a '100% tax post screening sale' to them or they are thought to be drunk during the arrest should be banned from part 121 air travel for a minimum of 372 days with no chance of appeal. Boeing should design a one-way door so that we can throw the unruly off the plane midflight.
Anthony Dennis 0
Interesting the FAA wants to blame alcohol for unruly passengers. They again have missed the cause. Quit treating people like garbage and they will stop beating up on the aggressors. Customer Service has left the industry many years ago thanks to the venture capitalists. Stockholder return is Job 1.


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