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United Airlines to outsource catering operations from October

United Airlines said on Thursday it was moving forward with plans to outsource its catering operations following a six-month review, similar to other airlines' strategies. United said it has selected three suppliers to operate the airline's five kitchens and oversee menu design and administration. The airline's staff were informed of the decision in a memo reviewed by Reuters. Employees in good standing would be offered a job at one of the future suppliers and about 70% would… ( 更多...

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mary susan watkins 1
outsourcing the catering is not a new idea..other carriers have done that for quite some time...airline snacks and food have been getting worse anyway these last few years,and the pandemic just led to not serving anything..american used to have in flight fresh baked chocolate chip cookies.aontinental,when it existed,used to have a cart with freshly made to order ice cream sundaes in first class..ther walos was a time when sncka baksetes with chips and hakf a sandich and an apple were served in a basket to coach on mot airlines..a long time ago!!


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