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United Airlines says it, too, won't hire unvaccinated workers

United Airlines is following in Delta's flight path in saying it won't hire employees who have not been vaccinated against COVID-19. "As we welcome new employees to the company, it's important we instill in them United's strong commitment to safety," the carrier stated in a memo to employees. "Effective for all job offers made after June 15, 2021, we will require any external candidates for U.S.-based jobs to attest that they have been fully vaccinated against… ( More...

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Randall Bursk 7
We need to go back to simpler times. Taking care of family, work, and treating people the way you want to be treated. I’m finishing 35 years flying with an airline. 15,000 pilots on the seniority list. Plenty of new faces, and beliefs. Always concentrated on duties, having a good time. Flying international, adjusting to different countries, complying with regulations, different languages, medical requirements for yellow fever, malaria, etc. Life isn’t hard. Keep it simple. Lot more fun to be happy, not stressed.
Spencer Hoefer 19
Notice how they say wont hire NEW unvaccinated workers. They know they can't afford to lose their existing employees by forcing this on them.
wjm100 3
It's common for large companies to grandfather in existing employees when they make an important policy change. This is what usually happened when they replaced defined-benefit pensions with 401(k) plans (if anything).
b n 1
Let's see what happens when the vaccines get full FDA approval and it becomes legal to require vaccination.
The point is why are they only concerned with the Covid Vaccine and not other very serious illnesses/diseases that people are already vaccinated for? In the past only Healthcare and education sectors were concerned with vaccination records. I've never had any place outside of school ask for my vaccine records.
mike deyoung -1
Exactly. Why are they not forcing a TB vaccine on everyone? TB is one of the deadliest infectious diseases in the world. According to the WHO nearly 4,000 die daily from TB. A total of 1,400,000 people in the world died of TB in 2019 alone (per the WHO). I wonder why this preventable disease is not on United's hit list. Again, the woke companies are bowing to political science and ignoring medical science.
Chris Croft 7
John D, I'm all for discriminating against people who make moronic statements on any website
How does HIPPA work in this case? My wife works for a huge electronics company, 40 years now, they can't tell the employee to get vaccinated, the employee can, if they choose to,tell them if they have been vaccinated, otherwise they can be sued, same with my company. Both companies have already told us that it's none of their business to force it on the employees and they can not have it held against them in their evaluations or pay increases, that too is illegal. Both companies have safety practices in place since day one and people follow them.
The vaccines are experimental, not FDA approved and no long-term history yet. Some people I know are having continuous side-effects from the vaccines.
Also, as a Catholic, I don't believe in abortions, except in the case of saving the mom's life. These vaccine(s) use aborted fetal cells. Abortion is murder and for these reasons I'm not going to be vaccinated.
I'm a very healthy 67 yr old male who had COVID last year, knocked me done like the flu for 7 days and that was it.

Just wondering how this is all gonna play out in the long run.
aurodoc 2
HIPPA is a regulation that prevents me as a Health care worker to divulge any health information about you without your permission. When you sign up for a health plan in the small print they are allowed access to your health information but cannot share it with others. A private company (once the vaccine moves from emergency use to approved) can require vaccination for employment and this does not violate HIPPA or discrimination law. My guess this could result in a lawsuit and work its way to the Supreme Court. It will be interesting to see how this plays out. It is a good thing that you had an uneventful recovery but 600,000 fellow citizens did not.
mike bednar 1
Ah! The small print! As a wise orator of the "70's would repine with a lyric: "The large print giveth! And the small print taketh away!" Kudos to Tom Waits!
bbishop4 -1
Which is .16% of the US population. Just sayin…
donjohnston 2
How is that relevant?
I hope they know they can be held liable and sued by employees forced to be vaccinated who have adverse reactions.
Philip Lanum 2
Just in:
Texas Judge on Hospital staff: i.e. Houston Methodist
"Federal judge dismisses lawsuit from Texas hospital employees over COVID vaccine requirement"

"U.S. district judge Lynn N. Hughes said in his ruling that claims that the vaccines are dangerous are "false, and it is also irrelevant." Hughes noted that Texas law "only protects employees from being terminated for refusing to commit an act carrying criminal penalties to the worker," and that receiving a COVID-19 vaccine "is not an illegal act."

From the local Huston CBS news affiliate search for the headline.
Philip Lanum 1
Show us one case - just one. Where this has happened.

From a real news source, including the court docket. No Tik-Tok, Facebook, Twitter, Faux News or Talk radio unsupported Horse Biscuits/Cow Pies.
Jonathan Tack 1
Philip Lanum 1
So where is the case? Just showing a database does not demonstrate a single liability case. Anyway, the Covid-19 vaccine providers do share some liability relief.

The question is, where is the case (asking for just one) where an employer is being sued for not hiring a person due to not being vaccinated. A database about vaccine reactions is not a lawsuit database.

An employer has the right to have a set of requirements for employment. Having to have received a vaccine is a perfectly reasonable to be hired. I would imagine that there are plenty of jobs where certain vaccines are a requirement for employment.
Mike Murphy 10
To all the VACCINATED.
why do you care if people choose not to vaccinate. If being vaccinated is so great, you're covered
wjm100 6
Unfortunately you do not understand how vaccines or the immune system work.
1. Although the Covid vaccines are among the most effective ever developed, no vaccine provides 100% protection so vaccinated people can still get infected and even die.
2. Some people cannot get vaccinated for medical reasons, and for others with compromised immune systems it is not very effective.
3. The purpose of a vaccine is not just to protect the person vaccinated but other people as well.
Simple example: If a vaccine is 90% effective, a vaccinated people (on average) have a 10% chance of contracting Covid if sufficiently exposed to an infected person. A second vaccinated person who comes in contact with the first will have a 10% chance of contracting it from the first vaccinated person. But the chain from the initial infected person to the second vaccinated person means the latter's chance of contracting is reduced to 1%.
So a person who feels any responsibility toward other people and has even a modicum of scientific knowledge should conclude that he/she should get vaccinated.
chiefaviator -1
Actually it is you that doesn't seem to understand the vaccines.

1. That remains to be seen, as they are experimental and in 30 years the side effects have kept them from progressing to human trials because of sterility, blood clots and other long term side effects that could not be overcome.

2. MRNA vaccines are no help to those people.

3. This description is of traditional vaccines and none of this happens with mRNA vaccines. And pure propoganda for covid vacvjnes. MRNA vaccines only keep the virus from attaching to proteins of the vaccinated. It does not interrupt the chain, only turns the vaccinated into an asymptomatic carrier.

The last statement is pure propoganda rhetoric, there are many very good reasons not to take part in a mass human trial of an experimental drug with a horrible track record of side effects. The lack of acknowledgement of those scientific facts is glaring.

If you truly cared about people you would value their informed decisions, not try to force them into an experiment.
John D 4
Vaccinated does mean you do not get the virus, it reduces the possibility of contracting it and if you do, it reduces the possibility of the virus getting out of control that it hospitalizes and/or kills you.
Not being vaccinated means you may get sick and die from it, or you may give it to someone else and they could get sick and die from it.
Mike Webb 8
When I pay for an airline seat I have a reasonable expectation that cabin staff will do their best to keep me safe and not cough Covid on me. With a success rate of around 90%, most vaccines leave 10 out of every 100 pax with reduced protection. I might be one of those 10.
Greg S 7
That's not quite what the effectiveness percentage means for these vaccines. But in any event the risk of getting serious Covid complications is almost zero if you're vaccinated, so be confident.
dnorthern 2
Wear a mask. Stay home drive

It is YOUR responsibility to protect yourself. Not everyone else’s.

Reset your expectations to Mature Adult
Lanny Word 0
The same could be said for those that refuse to get vaccinated. Nobody is forcing you to fly.
But that said, when did we become a country of selfish bastards? People who bitch about not wanting to get vaccinated sound like petulant children, certainly not “Mature Adults.” Me… me… me. If we got this country back to We not Me, we’d sure be a better place. I work with chemotherapy patients and I’ve never seen anyone refusing to wear a mask around them. And most all of their families are getting vaccinated to protect their loved ones. How about a little love for your countrymen.
mikeenderle 5
This is discrimination any way slice it. If you have an allergy to a component of the vaccine, it's a violation of ADA. If you have moral objections, it's religious discrimination. If you think thoes things aren't valid reasons, fine. Go change to laws that used to protect these civil rights. At least then we could positively know that we have no rights here. And the vaccine works, right? So the vaccinated are fine no matter if the people around them are or not.
John D 3
I expect that like other business that have put a vaccine rule in place, if there is a legitimate reason to not being vaccinated, there are exceptions
Chris Croft 6
A 21st century version of Nathaniel Hawthorne's "The Scarlet Letter". Standby for public shaming and social stigmatizing if you are unvaccinated.
Ra1n 18
Unfortunately shaming of those who choose not to get the vaccine is already happening. Even the comment section here, people who choose not to get the vaccine are being looked down upon.

The more people vaccinated, the better, but shaming/guilting/peer-pressuring the remaining few won't convince them; if anything, it'll do the opposite and further convince them not to get vaccinated.

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Sidney Martin -2
Soon you’ll be taking my guns, freedom of religion, freedom of speech, freedom to do what I believe is right. No thanks.
David Rice 0
So funny that you’re afraid of your guns being confiscated. Even after Heller and McDonald. What else are you irrationally afraid of, spiders? You’re not even embarrassed to be that much of a “kitty cat”? Ok, continue to live in fear little “kitty”.
Mike Murphy -5
If you got the vaccine YOU'RE AFRAID
cyberjet 3
Name calling gets us nowhere. It says much more about you than it does about your intended target, and none of it is good.
David Rice 3
You are right. I apologize to all who read my earlier post. I should not have engaged in name calling. That's not who I am...again sorry.
Frank Harvey 0
What "Freedom of Religion" ? In Pennsylvania in 2020 Governor Wolf banned Church Services and closed the churches.
The Dude 0
Churches? These things still around?
Chuck Chall 0
Have you been tested for antibodies after your vaccine? If not, you don't even know if YOU are safe, let alone to tell everybody else what they should do. It doesn't work for everybody.
Russ Brown 9
Get a free test, make a blood donation to the Red Cross. I was surprised and pleased when I was notified that I had tested positive for antibodies. Eight gallons donated so far.
8 gallons since COVID started?
Not very likely.
Jeffrey Bue 1
If he's donating platelets every two weeks, it's possible. I donate regularly and have been vaccinated yet I'm still showing "negative" for COVID antibodies - which puzzles me.
cyberjet 3
There is plenty of evidence that they're effective. Jurisdictions where more than 50% of the eligible adult population is vaccinated are reporting virtually zero hospitalizations of vaccinated people and very few mild to moderate infections.
God what a moron🤦‍♂️ I mean really! Can’t make this shit up! Well I guess you can. This guy can👆
EMK69 5
Already started at least in my part of Texas. Seems one local store can't just post a sign saying no one allowed unless you have been vaccinated, the individuals behind the counter have to call people out when they answer no.

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Jeff Lewis 1
Don't you think it would be easier to check your crabs for junk?
David Rice 1
Well, since you freely discuss your “junk”, you are likely just the kind of person who DOES need to be inspected for crabs. Please segregate yourself, since you’re obviously already an outcast.
John D -3
Emulating a mentally congresswoman, eh?
Dale Byrum 3
Government is not the only Big Brother out there. Corporate America and Big Tech media are their equals.
o would ask those who refuse to get a vaccination,have they seen the statistics regarding side effects from the vaccines offered?have they studied what these side effects might be,or have they given thought to the fact any and all medications or shots a person receives,have side effects associated with them,clearly stated on fact sheets with a medication, or by a doctor..that goes for everything from aspirin to penicillin..its not a matter of "shaming" a person..ots a matter of a person caring enough about others,including their own family members,to want to have immunization against covid, as the variants keep popping up all over the an ariline employee who is in contact with thousands of people from all over the globe,it seems wise to be vaccinated,just as you would if you traveled to countries where things like measles or t.b. or the like are still around..
Sidney Martin 1
Anyone who is worried can get the vaccine, those who aren’t may feel free to make our own health choices. I’m immune because I had the virus, not a stem cell injection.
Robert Cowling -4
It's not 'stem cells' genius... Hell the Pope said catholics should get the vaccines.

Turn Fox News off and get out in the real world.
Sidney Martin 3
I rarely watch Fox. And I don’t care what the pope says, he can’t change what is and isn’t moral.
David Rice -6
People don’t get vaccinated because they’re afraid, we leave fear to Trumpists. People get vaccinated because they care about others and are not self-centered. You, obviously are motivated primarily by fear. Ok, you stopped watching FoxNews because even they recognized “the big lie”. Go back to watching OAN, then.
Alain Duncan -1
We don't know the long-term side effects. It's an experimental treatment. Also, it's not measles or t.b., it's a cold. It's an unknown risk for a negligible benefit.
cyberjet -1
They are not experimental treatments. They are vaccines that underwent testing every bit as robust as any other clinical trial. The reason they were allowed so quickly is because of the urgency, meaning the trial population was significantly larger than in most cases.
Nope. It’s still experimental, just under emergency authorization. The side effects are under reported and are bad.
Lanny Word 2
The side effects of COVID are worse than the side effects of the Vaccine so explain that logic. It’s like you’re in the ocean and can’t swim. Someone throws you a rubber raft and you say “no thanks, I have latex allergies.”
John D -6
Amen! Well said
Vaccinate or terminate!
Monty Baugh 1
This is not aviation news. FlightAware, please stop putting these COVID-related stories on the weekly squawk list.
cyberjet 5
It is news if you're one of the thousands of aviation workers who have been out of work the past 16 months or more.
Glenn Dawson 1
As a result of "Won't hire unvaccinated workers", I will not be flying United Airlines until this order is cancelled...
mike deyoung 1
Too bad they are ignoring the fact that those who have recovered from covid had natural antibodies now. We are becoming a society that ignores medical science but instead bows to the feet of political science.
jhakunti 1
im sure pilots lie a lot to keep their 1st class medicals, so what's another lie to work at united? who wants to be a slave worker anyways. just give me $700 a week check to fund my ventures.
uapilot 1
This is blatantly illegal. It’s flat out discrimination and therefore implicit coercion to take an experimental drug. They stare the EEOC is ok with it but hey, guess what, the EEOC is not responsible for deciding what is constitutional and what is not! But this is not the first time UAL has openly proclaimed it will discriminate. Do they not have a legal dept anymore? I predict there will be a huge class action lawsuit over this. Look back at the Hooters lawsuit! EEOC be damned!
United ignoring acquired immunity when one has had the disease. Yea, let's ignore science to push a political idea. Someone is making a fortune on producing vaccines.
Huck Finn 1
Medical discrimination now? My word, the scare lines come up with new bans everyday! Certainly glad I don’t get into the tyrannical skies with these masked gestapo masquerading as fright attendants!
David Stark -5
Nobody has been vaccinated. The thing they are calling a "vaccine" does not fit the clinical definition. It is an experimental genetic manipulation, and nobody should have the power to compel anyone to receive any experimental treatment. The only people who can be assumed to be immune are those who have had the disease.
Sorry, your last sentence is only partially correct.
“Assumed”, not 100% actual fact. Previously having COVID is not a guarantee that you won’t get it again.
Life is risky. Accept it. We have for millennium and here we are.
sparkie624 -9
I Discrimination now legal? Bad Policy!
paul trubits 14
Some companies also will not hire smokers or drug users. It is good policy to hire individuals that will put you in the best light.
sparkie624 1
Airlines cannot hire Drug Users... If it they are on Prescription Drugs due to the Safety environment
Chip Hermes 6
discrimination (noun) the unjust or prejudicial treatment of different categories of people or things, especially on the grounds of race, age, or sex.
btweston 2
Or choosing a chocolate donut because you prefer chocolate donuts.
djames225 4
HTH is it discrimination to not want to hire unprotected worker. It isn't discrimination if the workers don't meet the requirements of a company!
btweston -3
If you mean making a decision based on criteria, yes discrimination is totally legal.

Interesting how the right wing morons now want the government to tell companies how to run themselves. Conservatism, right?
John D -5
I am all for discriminating against people who knowingly decide to be public health hazards.
dnorthern -3
You should retreat to your safe room. Suits you

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Roger Anderson 12
No one is holding a gun to your head to work at United.
Right but the trend is more and more employer's are forcing this on people.
Common sense would dictate that people that are in 'service jobs' SHOULD be vaccinated. They should have to be vaccinated. For a flight attendant, literally ANYONE that you come in contact with could be a carrier of the next variant, and you get it and spread it to multiple people on the plane, and they spread it to other people, and soon, ONE EXPOSURE has spread the virus to thousands of people in one single day.

Being vaccinated at least means the knucklehead that isn't vaccinated only exposes those THEY come in contact with, and if unvaccinated people wear damn masks and social distance, they can even limit that potential greatly.

Take simple precautions, get vaccinated, respect others, and yourself.
dnorthern -4
Actually they are.
Philip Lanum 1
Have you applied for a job at United?

No Job - no Gun.
John D 3
Nope, keeping public health hazards away from others. These anti vaccine people are probably the same ones that show up for work sick as hell and give their dog germs to everyone else. No thanks. Just stay barricaded in your home
Silent Bob 3
How exactly are they a "health hazard" if everyone else is vaccinated?
John D 7
Vaccinated does not mean immune. An unvaccinated person could give me an albeit lower severity version of covid. I do not want it at all. An unvaccinated person could give it to another unvaccinated person.
When sufficient numbers get vaccinated, you get to herd immunity.
Silent Bob 4
Current data says the vaccines are 91% effective at preventing infection, and 100% effective in preventing infection that causes serious symptoms requiring hospitalization. And that obviously requires enough exposure to cause infection, so I'd say your chances of getting it in the current environment is pretty darn low.

If the unvaccinated give it to each other what concern is that of yours? We're only at around 40% vaccination, and the number of total cases and particularly deaths continues to drop by the day. So even with 60% of the country running around sans vaccine it certainly doesn't support your "health hazard" fear mongering.

And lastly, herd immunity is not based on vaccinations, it's based on antibodies. People who have been infected develop these antibodies naturally, those that haven't depend on the vaccine(s). Again current research suggests that those with natural antibodies maintain them long term in bone marrow even when they are no longer detected in the blood (data suggests around 4 months in blood). So there's a good chance we are near herd immunity if not already there. Unfortunately because the antibodies leave the blood around 4 months, and because there are untold numbers of people who were asymptomatic so likely have antibodies but were never tested it's impossible to know for sure just what percentage of the population has some level of immunity.

But again the numbers don't lie. Even as the vaccination rate has slowed, the country continues to open, and most places now are not requiring masks for those who have been vaccinated. And despite all this the infections and deaths continue to steadily drop. So the vaccines are obviously working, but natural immunity must be increasing as well.
dnorthern -1
Wear a mask then.
Mike Murphy 3
You're the one AFRAID. YOU wear the mask
bentwing60 -4
If you are quoting Falsie, which one?
Sidney Martin -1
You do realize some of us had the virus and survived????? People where I work aren’t scared of this virus. Any healthy and young or middle aged person who’s not terrifically overweight has a very high chance of survival. See the light!
John D 8
Yes, many survived, but 600,000 fellow citizens did not. Millions around the world got sick and died. Some may never fully recover. Personally, I am in fine health and was never fearful, but why would anyone knowingly expose themselves or others. What's so hard about understanding that is beyond me.
sprint113 8
And that is without overloading our health infrastructure. Many of the people who did survive only did so because of a hospital bed with appropriate care and equipment/supplies. There are other countries where the influx of new cases simply overwhelmed the health infrastructure, resulting in much higher mortality rates.

And this affects other people as well, ever bed taken up by a covid patient is a bed that can't be used for whatever else happens on a normal day.
Sidney Martin -2
I don’t trust the numbers. A local boy was killed in a motorcycle accident and they tried to write it up as a Covid-19 death. Sometimes getting sick gets you better immunity anyway. And when it’s your time to die, you will.
donjohnston 1
How about these numbers:
These are all deaths in the US over the past four years. Interesting spikes last year. Wonder why?
The new variants are infecting people much more in the 12 to 20 age range.

And I know several people who have long lasting effects from their infection. Headaches, shortness of breath, unable to stand for more than 30 seconds, unable to walk, cloudy mind, massive weight loss, blood clots, ministrokes, and on and on.

'Long timers' are suffering, and many people are getting the virus AGAIN! At least with the vaccines out now in this country, you have a fighting chance of having a very mild case, if you are infected, and the chances of needing to spend time in hospital is near zero.

I know over 24 people that have died from this virus. How many, if I could ask them, would rather not die. It's damned simple. Masks, distancing, vaccines...
Sidney Martin -5
It’s up to you to decide what you do. If you are scared of death or COVID, get the vaccine. If the vaccine is so great, then anyone who is worried should get it and be fine. If it’s lousy, then why get it? It makes people sick when they get it.
dnorthern 0
Perhaps mental
Health assessments should be performed on employees. It would save folks from the likes of you
Sidney Martin -7
What if some of us don’t enjoy the idea of having murdered human babies injected into us? I appreciate the fact that no one used my stem cells for vaccines.
David Rice 4
You are a moron who obviously knows nothing about where stem cells come from.
Huck Finn 1
Thanks for telling the truth Sidney. It’s really scarce today.
btweston 0
Ra1n -9
I doubt this will last for too terribly long. Once everyone realizes the vaccines only last about a year and will require another round of boosters, far less people are going to get the 3rd dose (especially because the number of active cases will be even less!). Also, you can just lie about being fully vaccinated; anyone can print a vaccination card.

If anything, this is more theater than anything. Though I guess that's par for the course these days, unfortunately.

Also: Does United even require flu shots? I couldn't turn anything up with a quick search.
btweston 4
Where did you learn that? Have you had the vaccine for more than a year?
Ra1n 7
Both Pfizer & Moderna have indicated they expect the efficacy to dwindle overtime. How quickly is completely unknown at this point, but both have indicated they expect boosters being required sooner as apposed to later. Originally six months was the expected timeframe, but that's been pushed back a few times.

As recently as a few weeks ago Pfizer indicated that yearly boosters may be required to keep efficacy high and deal with new strains as they immerge, similar to yearly Flu shot.

I hope this isn't the case and the vaccines end up being more long-term than expected, but currently I'm fully expecting more boosters being required.
People blindly take their flu shots every year, so what's the problem here? I wouldn't be surprised if the COVID and flu shot are integrated into one in the future.
Ra1n 3
Far from everyone gets the flu shot every year, though. That isn't what we should be shooting for. Likewise, the amount of people who have some sort of side effect with the flu shot is far less than with all current variants of the COVID-19 vaccines.
dnorthern -7
Clearly you are uninformed

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D Rotten 4
LOL You should REALLY get your numbers correct. They're way, WAY off!! lololol
John D 6
Viruses play for keeps
Greg S 4
You never disappoint. You are so in love with yourself we can always count on you for the stupidest, most pompous take imaginable.
dnorthern 2
You are an utter buffoon proven by every single comment you make.

Undoubtedly you would
Be the first to board the train.
David Rice -3
Let’s see you produce a fake vaccination record, not as easy as you think. You are either a liar or just stupid. BTW - who’s asked you to produce a vaccination record? Probably the same person who is “coming for your guns”. People like you should be forcibly sterilized.
Ra1n 3
> Let’s see you produce a fake vaccination record, not as easy as you think.

It's trivial to find blank vaccination cards online, have you looked? Last I checked, it's impossible for an employer to verify the authenticity of a card you present to them; a system isn't in place for that. As far as I'm aware, a national vaccine database doesn't exist for COVID and hasn't existed for other vaccines in the past either.

Please, enlighten me if this isn't the case, as I'd prefer not to be forcibly sterilized for being stupid, as you say.

> BTW - who’s asked you to produce a vaccination record? Probably the same person who is “coming for your guns”.

I haven't been asked, but I'd assume people applying for positions at United will be, as that what this article is about. How do you think United will will avoid hiring people that haven't been vaccinated WITHOUT ASKING?
SkyAware123 0
I can't see how they can legally do this when it's an experimental vaccine. They'll get hammered by lawsuits.
b n 1
It applies to new hires, where they have the freedom to choose whom they like, except for those protected by law against discrimination. Vaccine refusers are not a protected class.
Chuck Chall -1
Stupid. 9% of people don't convert the vaccine to antibodies. If they are going to draw a line, it needs to be a test for actual antibodies, not a vaccine that may, or may not, have worked.
Tim Smith -1
Of course not, as they have invested heavily into the biden/fauchi bs, along with 1,500 hr co-pilots; what could possibly go wrong?
John Manley 0
yeah..... that doesnt sound unconstitutional at all..... big lawsuit coming companies ways who do crap like this. Good luck winning that one, chief.
JR Lazar -4
Airlines have thousands of employees that are not public facing. What ever happened to HIPPA? Personal health decisions should remain private.
Gordon Musch 17
As a nurse HIPPA prevents ONLY YOUR HEALTHCARE PROVIDER [ physician, nurse, therapist ect.] from providing anyone any of your health related information. It DOES NOT prevent your employeer from asking these questions. The military has been asking these questions for ever, every single hospital I know asks these questions of you. If you refuse to answer, or give false information, those are grounds to not be hired or fired for misrepresentation.
uapilot 2
Anyone can ask anything but REQUIRING someone to answer and then, if they don’t answer or if they give an answer you don’t like, discriminating against them! THATS the issue here. Blatant and idiotic to announce this. Now if I, as a business, we’re stupid enough to announce that I would not hire anyone th at WAS vaccinated, what do you think would happen then???? Bet the EEOC and DOJ would be all over my a$$
JR Lazar 2
thanks for the clarification
D Rotten -5
ILLEGAL!! But, they'll change their tune, once those who have gotten the EXPERIMENTAL INJECTION(S) all drop dead within the next 2-3 years. LOL
And, OSHA has already stated that anyone, forced by employers, to get the Death Jab, the employer is now LIABLE for ANY injuries (due to these injections) to employees; OSHA will consider it a WORK RELATED INJURY.
**Sitting here, WAITING for all of these LAWSUITS to start rolling in!**
Gonna be a LOT of businesses to go BANKRUPT/OUT OF BUSINESS!!

[This poster has been suspended.]

SkyAware123 1
excellent question


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