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VP's Plane Forced To Return To Andrews

A plane carrying Vice President Kamala Harris was forced to return to Joint Base Andrews in Maryland Sunday about 25 minutes after it had taken off for a trip to Guatemala. ( More...

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Kevin Keswick 3
Surprisingly the flight SAM462 was available for tracking on flight aware >
Roy Hunte -1
Forced? As in forced down by military jets? Fox uses some weird word choices.

Aaron Hall 1
All the news site say forced...It's pretty standard wording when a plane has to divert for any reason, whether it is mechanical, or some other issue.
Robert Cowling -8
After overhearing three seedy looking humans talking about killing 'Pelosi' Saturday night, I don't know who can be trusted, and who can't.

I'm not a fan of Pelosi, or any other politican, but there are legal ways to 'kill' politicians. VOTE THEM OUT! McConnell, out! Pelosi, out! We have an inefficient government because of the dead wood knee-jerk voters elect.

Doing the same thing over and over and expecting something different is either insane, or a republican voter. The GOP is killing this country. It may already be too late to save it...


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