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Southwest Airlines Hits Roadblock with Boeing & GE as it Seeks 300 737 MAX 7s or Airbus A220s

Southwest Airlines is in talks for at least 300 new 150-seat jets for its fleet, as part of a deal that could transform its five-decade old business model and commercial aircraft industry with it, according to several industry officials familiar with the airline's needs. A campaign would pit Boeing's 737 MAX 7 and Airbus' A220-300 in head-to-head competition in a bid to replace its aging fleet of workhorse 737-700s. ( 更多...

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Robert Cowling 2
I heard they want to be an international airline, and that would be a disaster for them and the traveling public. Isn't that why Ryan Air exists; To have people being nearly literally treated like livestock being shuffled from point a to point b?
Jayden Hakunti 1
They should get the A220s. the competitive advantage shall supercede brand loyalty. albeit boeing took a major hit to credibility amd quality designing the max for Southwest, A220 will be a better aircraft and can be deployed with more flexibility than the tainted max.


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