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Grainy video raises more questions about security at Cleveland airport

The most recent case went unnoticed for close to two hours. We’ve learned, in the latest case, no camera was even facing the part of the fence where the driver went through. “We’re not running a dog park. You’re running an international airport. You have to have the maximum security. Airport security and all the issues we’re dealing with, you would think you would have the most sophisticated system,” Polensek said. ( 更多...

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Security Theatre...

DHS and TSA wasn't meant to make us more safe, it was all created to give the sheen of capability to a government, at the time, who was caught totally flat footed and ignorant of the messages that the attacks were coming, and with the goal to control the public, and waste as much money as possible. People who tell the truth say that it's hard to say if the DHS and TSA have actually made us safer. With all the missteps and corruption, it is a muddy mess. Proving it needs to continue is a hard task. Cargo flown everyday on commercial passenger jets is still not being dealt with, and there are other things that effect air travel security that are being ignored.

I remember walking past an open 'secured' door at an airport I was flying through that had ground crew uniforms hanging in plain sight. Nice security. I pilot friend of mine was accosted at a security checkpoint for having 'a weapon'. An Orient Express butter knife. He was the PILOT IN COMMAND, about to fly the plane for hours, and the butter knife was THE WORST THING. He was speechless. A butter knife. 'The world was a lot safer because they took my butter knife'.

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How little you forget history. Those attacks were known to be coming, as it was attempted 5 years prior, and the POTUS at that time gave warning to the incoming POTUS that there was going to be another attempt within the next 2 years. That was ignored, the budget surplus we had at that time wasted, and resulted with us going into debt for a war that went so horrible that your great grandchildren will still be paying for it when they retire.

Dumb post at the best.
A friend of mine; a retired Air Canada A340 Captain based in Vancouver and who flew long flights to Asian destinations had his nail clppers confiscated when boarding a flight as Captain.
I had my passport and boarding pass confiscated at Vancouver Airport because I had nail clippers in my carryon. Once they confiscated them, I got my stuff back.
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These pretzels are making me thirsty.
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Have we learned nothing from 9/11 ?


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