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6 Landings Gone Wrong, And Caught On Camera

Statistically, most aircraft accidents occur during takeoff or landing. Here are 6 otherwise normal approaches that ended with a crash on landing. We can all learn a lot from reviewing these videos... ( More...

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ian mcdonell 1
Press on regardless is the common theme here. Cross wind limits are there for a reason, and going around is not a crime
Phil Knox 1
Remember...a landing is nothing more than a controlled crash!
Michel B. 1
The A320 pilot landed outside the opposite threshold. Which is I believe unacceptable. Displaced threshold are there for reasons. Will that airline be monetary penalized ?
sharon bias 1
Sometimes things just don't go as planned. Sometimes things just aren't planned. As long as everyone survives (minus soiled undergarments) life is good.
william baker 0
Any landing you can walk away from is a good landing.


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