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Frontier Airlines to Implement Airport Temperature Screenings Effective June 1, 2020

Frontier Airlines today announced it will implement temperature screenings for all passengers and team members prior to boarding flights, effective June 1, 2020. Anyone with a temperature of 100.4 degrees Fahrenheit or higher will be denied boarding. Additionally, effective tomorrow, May 8, passengers will be required to wear face coverings on all flights, as previously announced in late April. ( More...

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This looks good on paper, but a person with normal body temperature can still be infected and spread the coronavirus. Just as an example, at the very beginning of this pandemic Namibia instituted a medical screening including a Tempe check for all arriving passengers at their international airports. Two Romanians living in Madrid arrived via Qatar and passed the test. As the main airport is about 40 km from the capital, it took about 90 minutes to reach their hotel after de medical screening. Shortly after arriving they started to show symptoms, went to a hospital where they were diagnosed with covid-19. They were placed in isolation and taken care of, and none of their contacts were infected.

In short, even though people will get a medical screening, you better keep your guard up.
dbaker 3
Nobody is asserting this is 100% effective or accurate, but a series of common sense measures can have a very positive impact. Notably, airports in Asia have done temperature checking since SARS in 2003.
Fred Bailey 3
These screenings need to be part of security screening entry points. Which could be testing points as well.
David Rice 1
And the Gestapo can also stop us ask us for our papers, like in the movie “Casablanca”, starring the great Humphrey Bogart. How romantic!
Robert Cowling -1
And you can take a pill and just chill the hell out. These 'Gestapo' tactics could save your life too, but since you seem to be so incredibly stupid, maybe you should start drinking bleach, and Lysol, you know, like your leader said. It will work, if you drink enough of it. Really. You won't have to worry about anything else.

And if this gets you so worked up, you must lose your shit over seat belts, stop signs, and the warning label on a bottle of Drano.
Lee Withers 3
For the sake of your sanity do not read or believe most of the comments below
Why do anything? This is going to take too long. And what if someone takes their mask off mid-light, and refuses to put it on? Will they land and toss the passenger off the plane? Will they 'restrain' the idiot, and force them to wear a mask? Will they bar idiots that protest their rules from their planes? The airlines usually don't do something unless they are forced to. How long did it take them to ban smoking on planes. Decades?

Be safe. If you fly, and people do not have masks on, WEAR EYE PROTECTION! You can be infected by an idiot not wearing a mask who coughs or sneezes, and their 'stuff' wafts over you.

"As states reopen, and we give the virus more fuel, all bets are off. I understand the reasons for reopening the economy, but I've said before, if you don't solve the biology, the economy won't recover."
aurodoc 1
Unfortunately the temperature measurement is not very accurate and generally lower than actual. 100.4 is too high and 99.5 would be a better cutoff. Your body internal temperature doesn’t rise with sweating and running to the gate so should not affect reading
Lee Withers 1
I have had that temp without being sick-only once officially/
The issue of wearing masks for perhaps long flights seems draconian. The main issue is air quality in a closed fuselage. I have not seen any references to the air crew improving air quality by turning off recirculating fans at cruise altitude.

Fresh air in and out with no recycling. Recirlulating fans off is not an abnormal proceedure. The fan use does save an incremental amount of aircraft fuel.

During a long flight pax need to hydrate and eat...hard to do with a mask on.
taking a person temperature is only effective if the person has other symptoms...there are many who are "asymptomatic" and still can transmit the virus..
alan75035 1
Will this be so that Frontier can charge the passengers extra for 'Covid-19' or 'No Covid-19' seating?
David Rice 1
Correct. However, please refer to your ticket’s fine print for the definition of “non-coronavirus seating”, which of course does not preclude the existence of live coronavirus within 6mm of your seat. Have a nice day and please enjoy your journey on Frontier Airlines!
Interesting. Went into a place the other day in Dallas that was screening temps..forhead was over 100 then they checked my neck and let me in.
D Rotten 2
A warm/hot day; running/walking fast to check in/catch ones plane; walking up stairs and scores of OTHER things will raise ones temp! This is ALL NONSENSE!! (aka FAKE SCIENCE)
Floyd Shoup 0
What happens if you are over 100.4 on returning home from Mexico. Do they pay for my lodging?
Why would they?
David Rice -4
You will be separated from your children, who will be locked in cages. Then you will be deported to sunny Guatemala City, where you will be treated to an all expense paid trip to Pavón prison. If, after a couple months, you are somehow still alive, you will be required to reapply for your citizenship, where your prison record will be held against you as a reason to deny you US citizenship. Happy travels on Frontier Airlines!
mikeenderle -7
I will not fly Frontier or any airline or business that implements measures that are not fact based.
1- You can be infected with Coronavirus and not have ANY symptoms.
2- You can be infected and contagious for up to two weeks before showing an elevated temperature.
3- Masks (especially homemade) have not proven to prevent transmission and may actually increase it. Even a proper N95 mask filters only 95% of what you breath in. Far from enough to hinder virus transmission.
Any company that requires ubsurd measures will not be receiving my business. When they crash don't blame Coronavirus, you did this to yourselves. I mean this. I've already walked away from stores.
Chip Hermes 6
The irony... asserting measures aren't fact-based in a post that isn't dictionary-based.
Lee Withers 3
What you are saying is that it may be months before you step outside and also never fly anyway.
cyberjet 2
I look forward to the documentary that chronicles how you ignored reasonable safety measures and ultimately infected someone in your life with a vulnerable immune system. The ending where you're seen crying in despair because you couldn't attend their funeral will make gripping viewing.
David Rice 1
Yea, and remember your can buy this movie on the Entertainment Options aboard your practically new Frontier Airlines aircraft!
Lee Withers 0
Well Mr.Jetmouth, I have not been out in public since this thing started. The only person to enter my house is my son-in-law who brings groceries. My other son and family have been here once but we all stayed outside. I did be part of a drive by birthday parade , oh, and two trips to my daughters house that would be considered a safe house. How about you?
D Rotten -3
How sad (& pathetic). To cower in your home over a nothing 'virus' w/o EVER researching the ACTUAL/REAL Science?? I feel sorry for you!

The ACTUAL Science is that you WILL 'get sick' (and NOT from the 'big bad virus') when you DO go out. WHY, you might ask? Because the ACTUAL SCIENCE is that YOU are compromising your own immune system by doing what you are doing. We HUMANS have BILLIONS of viruses already in us that we walk around with every day of our lives (along with MILLIONS of bacteria)! We HUMANS NEED these to SURVIVE!! Sanitizing everything is BAD (UNHEALTHY) for you (which INCLUDES ALWAYS WASHING HANDS). NOT coming in contact w/other HUMANS is UNHEALTHY. NOT going OUTSIDE and getting sun (Vitamin D) is UNHEALTHY. ISOLATION is UNHEALTHY (more so than smoking, high BP & obesity. NUMEROUS STUDIES state that FACT). STRESS & FEAR is UNHEALTHY. ALL of these (and more) will COMPROMISE YOUR IMMUNE SYSTEM! Which ALSO includes, NOT EATING REAL FOODS, by the way! EVERYTHING that the criminal government is telling people to do IS ALL WRONG!!!
Lee Withers 3
First off, I am not in fear or in a state of stress. I do get outside in the sun and have noted we have been in contact with humans. We do not sanitize everything in sight, only as necessary. I would possibly like to go buy some things myself but don't rea;;y need. We are pretty much living as we normally do. Among other things I amuse myself by reading sometimes foolish remarks on Flightaware and Facebook, with a few of my own remarks thrown in. I hope you have a better life than what you sound like.
skylab72 3
Well mr ACTUAL Science,
Let's get some things straight!

Reality: The body of phenomena consistently experienced by sentient beings.

Hypothesis: An Idea or consistent set of Ideas based in;
Opinions, Hunches, Suspicions or Gut Feelings

A hypothesis a tentative statement about reality. But for it to become a theory, it must lead to deductions that can be tested. As deductions are verified, the probability that the hypothesis is correct increases. When deductions are shown to be incorrect, the original hypothesis must be either abandoned or modified to accommodate the accumulated evidence. Hypotheses can be used to build more complex inferences and explanations of observed phenomena or hypothetical relationships.

Scientific Theory: Organized FACTS in EVIDENCE

A scientific theory is a well-substantiated explanation of some aspect of the natural world.
Theories are based on the body of relevant facts that have been repeatedly confirmed through observation and experiment. A Hypothesis becomes a Theory when a substantial body of its deductions are tested and shown by the resulting evidence to be true, while NONE of them are shown to be false or incorrect.

FACT: Experimentally verified statement about reality, accepted as true.

In Science, an Observation that has been repeatedly confirmed by experiment is accepted, for all practical purposes, as true. In Science, however, truth is never final. When new observations or new experiments disprove any of the deductions supporting a theory or fact, like a hypothesis, all science, is subject to review.

or never discuss science.

not the poor people whom you may attempt to bludgeon
with ill-informed, poorly thought out, opinions.
David Rice 2
We’re certainly sorry you are dissatisfied with your experience flying Frontier Airlines. We’re sorry to see you go as a customer. We’ll somehow try to muddle along without the average of $320 you have spent annually with us over each of the past 7 years. Remember Frontier Airlines is really your friend!
D Rotten -3
Looks like you and I are the ONLY ones who are not scared lil pathetic SLAVES!! Also the only ones who DEMAND ACTUAL SCIENCE instead of the 'One World Government FAKE SCIENCE' to cull the sheep!!

I am an AMERICAN and a FREE HUMAN!!! I'd rather be dead than live like a SLAVE!! FREEDOM is EVERYTHING!

Poor, pathetic sheep/slaves don't know the first thing about LIFE! LIFE, by it's VERY DEFINITION, is UN-SAFE!!!

"Those who would give up essential liberty, to purchase a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety."
David Rice 3
Thanks for your passion, however, we at Frontier Airlines wish to ask you to fly Spirit Airlines, and be sure to try to befriend the person sitting next to you, and share your “unique” views. Please remember to wear your helmet!
skylab72 1
See notes on The Scientific Method below.
paul trubits -2
The word on the street is that the chicken workers here are taking a bunch of Tylenol before they head to work to beat the temperature screening.
mikeenderle 3
I'm sure their livers are loving that.
cyberjet 1
I'm not denying that some workers may feel obligated to do what it takes to keep the money flowing when their minimum wage job doesn't provide paid sick leave, but I prefer to have a verifiable source before I post such comments.
D Rotten -4
So.....ALL women who are menstruating or ovulating (ones temp will rise) at the time will NOT be allowed to board a plane?? Mmmmmm......yeah......THAT'S going to go over well!!
D Rotten -5
This is all BS!! (aka FAKE SCIENCE!!!). There are SO MANY THINGS that will elevate someones temp! Yet the pathetic slaves will ACCEPT yet another form of culling the heard. I mean, look what was accepted after 911!! And, it will only get worse, MUCH worse from here......and the pathetic slaves WILL just accept it!


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