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A ‘Hail Satan’ T-shirt? Not on this American Airlines flight

Runi Goyal loves her “Hail Satan” T-shirt. But the shirt, which comes from the Satanic Temple religious group, didn’t fly with this AA flight crew. ( More...

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Image that, Christians are bigoted . . .
So a blatent display of a tee-shirt that says "Jesus saves" (as an example) might be deemed appropriate but comments about other beliefs are not. To be clear I am not supporting either side but am interested to understand the logic of this action. Suggestiions?
joe milazzo 3
People are offended too easily nowadays! I had an overnight last night at the Cleveland Hotel and the staff were removing Christmas decorations. I asked the what was up and they said that a certain ethnic group was there for a wedding and that they demanded that the decorations be removed. After some compromising they agreed to remove the decorations from the Mezzanine level where the wedding was to take place.
Larry Toler 1
Wow! Then again, making money is the key to the game.
jmilleratp 2
Just change it to "Ave Satani." Worked well when that song from "The Omen" played to an audience of one billion or so people across the world during the 1977 Oscars telecast. :-)
John Manley 2
Why would you wear something like that to a public airport in a country where the majority believes in Christianity unless you are TRYING to provoke/troll the above mentioned majority? You reap what you sew. I mean what did you expect was going to happen...? Does she have a right to wear the shirt? Yes of course. This is America. Does American or any other airline have the right to bar any passenger they seem provoking? Absolutely they are a private company. Like I said, you reap what you sew. Try to piss people off and trust me it won't be a good time for you. Especially when you piss off those that decide if you get to go or not.
joe milazzo 2
American ins’t a private company, they’re a publicly held company........anyone can buy stock
John Manley 1
Thats not what I meant.... i meant its a private sector company and NOT a part of the federal public service sector.
John D 2
A lot of "Notice Me" types like to get on airplanes these days
Daniel Bailey 6
MAGA shirts/hats..Boomer attention seeking. Funny how a Satan t-shirt brings out the snowflake lmao
in a world where people are trying to promote diversity,it seems as though what is on a t shirt would not matter..however...phrases,ideas,thoughts,religous affirmations and the like are often considered fine in certain places,but not in a public one is offended by products promoted on shirts,like everything nike,or even clothing from conventions promoting things for fitness saying everything from jazzercise to hats are the most prevelant with slogans/logos on everything from politics to joes crab shack to the point is,i don't know how the crew handled this conversation with the passenger,but flying is public transportation,and not an ad on television or on the internet...I would agree with the crew on this issue..
Viv Pike -1
Sometimes (not all the time), some (not all) Americans are full of s H one T. I was once wearing a T-Shirt that said, "I'm not a Gynecologist, but I'll take a Look". I got the stink-eye, and was told to cover it or remove it. What a load of crock.
Larry Toler 1
Awesome shirt!
pawsnursery47 -6
I wouldn't get on a plane with someone like that. I wish AA had retained its resolve
racerxx 2
Always a good idea to keep your opinion to yourself. Was she harming anyone? No. Was she spreading the alleged bad word (which her belief really is not about if you chose to investigate further)? No.
sparkie624 0
I am sure I will get Down Voted... But I would not ride on a plane with her...
sparkie624 -1
They accomplished their task... they got national attention for Nothing.


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