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Airlines are on pace for their worst year since 2014

‘High fuel prices, an international trade war, and the 737 MAX grounding are adding up to a miserable 2019 for the airline industry. Airlines are bracing for their worst year since 2014.” ( 更多...

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mary susan watkins 1
the airline industry will survive,as it has in past years when there were higher fuel prices,cutbacks or cancellations,and fewer people flying because of the ticket prices..when airlines feel the necessity to cut back,the first thing they do is quit hiring..the second thing they do is furlough or layoff people in various departments,and sometimes double the work of more senior employees..they also offer "buyout" packages to get people to voluntarily leave,in order to save some jobs..there has been no public announcement by any carrier that I am aware of as of yet, that they are into the layoff or furlough phase..with about 30 years in the airline industry,i have seen that process more than once before now..its kind of a "circle" of business evolution,downturns and comebacks...
Kobe Hunte 1
In like many other areas is jet fuel - Businesses that supply the jet fuel can't do without the airlines who need it, neither can the airlines survive without the jet fuel obviously.
mary susan watkins 1
there is a process called "hedging"..some airlines do it,some do has to do with contracting fuel in advance for a certain time period when fuel prices are expected to rise...


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