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Air Canada Agents Were Told To 'Mislead' Passengers Who Were Kicked Off Oversold Flights

I found it funny how AC's response was "All other airlines do it!" ( 更多...

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djames225 5
I read through there twice, and still saw no "All other airlines do it!" I did see "something most airlines do", which is true..had a Delta flight once like seat assigned just "GTE"
SFOSpotting 1
I was paraphrasing a bit... however, there is another article on that uses that term.
or it could mean that you are booked on a certain flight but have asked to standby on an fully booked earlier flight in the hopes of a no show?
chalet 2
Every airline has a policy of overbooking. They will never tell by what percentage but I heard that 10% is the norm. American which I fly often is one; during the busy spikes Thanksgiving, Christmas/New Year and when summer starts, try to buy your ticket as early as possible. AA always offers vouchers worth $100, 200 and even 400 plus free an acceptable hotel room and meals and a guaranteed seat for the next day.
matt jensen 2
Took a couple of minutes to find the exact article in CBC news - incidently published last week.
The next day one in flyertalk.
unless policies and procedures have changed with regard to a passengers status,as you must have some verification of a flight to go through a security checkpoint,i find this story hard to believe..a person is not "kicked off" an oversold flight unless they volunteer to do so and already have an assigned seat..agents are told to tell the person at the counter they are running late and the flight is in final boarding,so they may not have a seat..they are not told to "mislead" passengers..maybe only only air Canada does that.there are codes on a boarding pass such as the ssss for exta screening,or the stby for a non confirmed person/employee..this article is misleading...
djames225 1
Then explain to me how my Delta ticket had GTE on it and no seat assignment? If you have your travel ticket/boarding pass that is verification that you intend to board that flight, not you are guaranteed to. And yes, if the craft is overbooked, and you are not assigned a seat, basically you are "kicked off" that flight if all other passengers board and it's full.
Nothing misleading at all, and actually glad the BS has been brought out into the open!
Yep, you are right. Seats can and often are assigned at the gate. All one needs is a boarding pass for security, not a seat.
btweston 0
Weird. You hear about this all the time, but I really don’t understand it. Every time I buy a plane ticket I know what my seat assignment is before I finalize the purchase, and I’m pretty sure I’m not doing anything special. Who are all of these people without seats and where are they coming from? Serious question. How does one get all the way to the gate without knowing whether or not they actually bought a seat on the flight?
Roch Comeau 2
When you purchase the cheapest ticket, you don't get to pre-select your seat. Maybe they need to rename those cheap seats "standby", which is what they used t be called (or student fare).
SFOSpotting 1
Nope It's real.
Jim T 0
Unfortunately, this is not new. Air Canada has a long and shady past of misdirecting travelers to their detriment.
djames225 1
Not defending Air Canada...but they are not the only 1's who do it so not gonna throw just them under any bus...or in this case aircraft.


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