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Hundreds of TSA screeners, working without pay, calling out sick at major airports

Washington (CNN)Hundreds of Transportation Security Administration officers, who are required to work without paychecks through the partial government shutdown, have called out from work this week from at least four major airports, according to two senior agency officials and three TSA employee union officials. The mass call outs could inevitably mean air travel is less secure, especially as the shutdown enters its second week with no clear end to the political stalemate in sight. ( 更多...

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Joseph Berman 12
Uh, it's not fake people. There are the majority of TSA screeners and supervisors NOT getting a paycheck right now. It's been this way for 3 weeks. ALSO, you are misinformed about your FAA (DOT) right now. FAA controllers are getting paycheck receipts that state $0.00 in their pay amount, no direct deposit on $0.00. As an airline pilot, would you want your controllers not getting paid in a stressful position as well? I sure wouldn't. Instead of using your KCM benefits and judging by just looking, ask one of those TSA agents about their current pay situation, or better yet, go to your local tower (operated by the FAA), and ask them how's the shutdown going for them, and see if they ask your airline for a cash advance to pay their mortgage or bills. This is no joke people. JB/ Miami FL.
Don Copley 10
Don't forget the U.S. Coast Guard, ...while considered a military branch of the armed forces their funding is under Homeland Security. My son and daughter in-law are living off their savings account. Trump is basically holding the government hostage to a tune of $5B.
Duane Mader -3
Why is it Trump any more than Pelosi? $5 billion is a rounding error in the US budget. We sent pallet loads more cash than that to Iran.
Why? Because it’s HIS shutdown, that’s why. Or did you miss him saying on camera (which never lies BTW) that he would be proud to shutdown the government???
You don’t run the country like trump organization. Didn’t he know that? Didn’t you know that?
Duane Mader 4
It stops if he signs a CR OR Pelosi let’s him have about 1 days worth of government spending for the wall.
If public works projects always stimulate the economy and walls don’t work like Pelosi says let him have it right?
The problem is wall do work, slowing the flow of undocumented Democrats for the left and cheap labor to be exploited for fat cat Repubs.
Crap !
And I suppose Mexico paying for it was a ruse, too?
Now it’s on the US TAXPAYER. Since Conservatives are always harping on about government spending and pork barrel stuff, tell you what, why don’t YOU PONY up your taxes since you’re in favor? How about it ? I’m out, sorry. I didn’t sign up for this, you go for it
OK alex...It's President Trumps shutdown! He and his supporters are behind it. We want and demand border security. What say you?
First, let me say that the whole world knows it’s his shutdown. It was on live TV, right? You did see him say he will own it, didn’t you?
Secondly, tell me why this was not done in the past 2 years when the WH and all of Congress was Republican? It would have been easy.
“We want and demand border security”. Most of what trump says is hetoric and half truths. And the MAJORITY of Americans dont want a wall! So, you are really saying his base which is a vocal but minority part of this country.
What would I do? I would not play into trump’s playbook which has never been that successful. We all know his MO. Open the govt and negotiate!
Didn’t he tout what a great negotiator he was. So., go negotiate. Not throw temper tantrums or threat of “emergency” EOs. Thats not leadership, my friend. Read the Art of The Deal. Trump style. You might learn a thing or two....
BTW. What happened to Mexico paying for it?? Was that a huge campaign promise? Didn’t you believe that? See how lop-sided things are when trump touches anything.
Daniel Hagan -1
Hey Don...It takes two to Tango..What about Nancy and Chuck, don't they have any skin in the game?
Hey Dan, don’t forget trump is the GREAT negotiator! Even wrote a book called the Art of the Deal (never mind how he stiffed contractors). He will hire the BEST people. Remember all that? Well, if he really is that good and always wins, why isn’t he showing the world and being a LEADER? Isn’t that what a president is supposed to do? Where does the buck stop? That’s the question you should be asking!
Instead, he throws tantrums and makes idle threats. Sorry, but that’s not leadership. I have a much higher bar for my president. And if he’s not up to the job, he should quit.
TSA was always a waste of taxpayers funds. Always failed tests at my airport and theft after theft ring busted at the airport run by TSA fools. Send them back to McDonalds.
Compared to the private screeners prior to 9-11, they are doing a great job. My family had an extended layover in Boston just prior to 9-11. No bathrooms inside the screened area that we were in, so we had to go through screening each time one of our children used the bathroom. After a few trips, the screeners just waved us through. I could have easily carried any type of weapon on board. I haven't seen anyone waved through a screening area since 9-11.
And in waving you through they were actually violating their procedures as well as Federal regulations.
Jeff Phipps 7
I'm trying not to get too political here but I have to laugh at people who say if CNN is reporting it, it has to be wrong. I guess if they report a government shut down, it means there really is no gov shut down? Anyway, regardless of who you think is to blame, I don't think anyone has the right to force someone to work without being paid - even if it's later. If you need to put gas in your car and food on the table, I would not show up to my non-paying job too, if I was lucky enough to find a paying job in the interim.
TSA should never have been created in the first place. We should have implemented the same thing the Israelis do, because it works. Tired of the thefts of money and collectables from checked baggage by TSA felons. Ask any of us law enforcement personnel, and the ones who do patrol will tell you that profiling works, and doesn't take a strip search to find offenders. Get rid of TSA, and put real police back in the airports.
Wasn’t it another republican administration that implemented theTSA? After 9/11 which also happened during a Republican admin. I see a pattern of knee-jerk reactions here.
BTW, we have police and LEOs at my airport and I doubt very much whether those people would even consider doing what you suggest. I’ll ask them and let you know......
John Manley 7
Air Traffic Controllers are going without pay too but you dont see them calling out sick.... just saying.
siriusloon 11
Um, there’s a BIG difference between TSA screeners and ATC controllers for a start!
Let me think about their training payand what they do.....
I used to work for the federal government, retired on 12/31. Getting to my point. Many of the people in my agency work on "soft" money or "reimbursable funds" from contracts. Someone was assigned to take time cards and those people will be paid on time. Me, maybe not. Retiring during a shutdown is an unusual situation. My pp26 paycheck may be late. No biggie.
siriusloon 2
How wonderful for you that you have some reserve funds. What about single parents who aren't getting paid but their landlords still want the rent on time, the supermarkets still require payment before walking out the door with food, etc, etc? They still have to buy gas and pay car expenses and pay for daycare, too. Try imagining yourself in that position and showing some compassion for your fellow humans.
Yes, you're right. It sucks. Life isn't fair. There was once a time when I was in that situation. The checks were mailed back in those days rather than direct deposit. Mine was a week late. Had to borrow from my mom. Sink or swim.

Besides, how do you know what I'm doing? I'm still helping guiding the newer people through this from home. On my own time.
Brian Bishop -4
Too bad we aren't as concerned about cops and innocent citizens actually getting killed by illegal gang members and their families as we are the poor poor government employees getting an extended vacation.
Sorry, I'm too busy being concerned about the cops and innocent civilians getting killed by generations of gang members who were born and raised right here in the U.S.A.

and By the way the idea of a WALL stopping all this crime is a joke. Why? For the same reason governments quit building castles. Folks just go around them. Think BERLIN WALL - More than 5,000 people escaped East Germany by going under, over or around that wall. So, do you really think a "wall" is going to stop anyone who is really intent on doing something illegal. I wouldn't think so.

If you want to stop the illegals who are coming here looking for work,which happens to be the vast majority of them,then you don't need a wall. Just hammer the Americans who are hiring them illegally. Why hasn't that happened? Easy as pie, No jobs - no illegals. Anyone coming over then must be a bad guy, grab him!
Extended vacation WITHOUT PAY! Nice. Very nice. Maybe you should try it son time. You’d be singing a different tune!
Best wishes for a great retirement.
For those that think this is only CNN or fake news:
Government has always been more than ready to raid Social Security funds, in this case raid the Congressional pension fund to build the wall!
Uh, what happened to Mexico paying for the wall???
Was that just rhetoric, too? Duped twice by trump, eh?
AWAAlum 1
The first time I heard those words uttered, Mexico will pay for the wall, I wondered hmmmm, how can someone just say that and have it happen? Had I known that, I would have had everyone pay for my house, my boat, my everything. Duh! How did I not know it was that simple?
Ha! Clearly you were not dealing with trump! Perhaps reading his Art of the Deal would enlighten some folks. Or how about the documentary You’ve Been Trumped! Both very enlightening in how he has operated over the past several decades. And all easily accessible through YouTube or amazon.
I did my due diligence some time ago, so was not easily duped. Same reason no American bank would touch him. And generally speaking banks are not dumb.
AWAAlum 0
I guess you didn't catch on that my comment was pure tongue in cheek. How could you not?
Duane Mader -1
Trump is on record, as a candidate, in an interview saying Mexico will not literally write a check but will pay through renegotiated trade deals (he has an agreement in place) or tariffs.
Dave Keough 3
He's also on video saying Mexico will give him or us a cheque. Of course that's the same guy that the president of Mexico said the wall was never even brought up while he was there. Oh no trump lie i'm shocked.
They "borrow" money from the social security fund, but what does that have to do with FA?
Amazing that some here and elsewhere think this is fake news or a joke or sensationalism whatever! Go to any major airport and see for yourself.
I work at one and can tell you straight this is affecting and hurting a lot of people. That is a fact and may not resonate with your political beliefs but some things you simply cannot hide or dress up to make it look better.
And if it’s happenibg at my airport, you can bet it’s also happening elsewhere.
a1brainiac 3
Wait until there is a serious problem in the airline industry due to this Trump shutdown and people are killed or you think that the idiot Trump will take the blame ? NO !
tcavin 0
matt jensen 2
Hire retired police officers - at least most know what a firearm looks like and can profile passengers without feeling them up.
Uh, they're calling out sick because they're not being paid. You think retired cops would work for free in their place?
btweston 6
Hire retired police officers... and pay them with magic beans?
There are a lot more objects than firearms that you have to worry about.
Jared Smith 5
Such as water bottles.
dc3orbust 1
And my shaving cream, didn't get past the lady in Detroit. The cynical side of me says her hubby needed a shave and this saved them a trip to store.
siriusloon -5
If they're that desperate, then not being paid, but still having to pay their rent, buy food, etc should be no problem at all, right?
Huh? English please! What are you trying to say because your statement makes no sense..
btweston 1
Large tubes of toothpaste. The TSA lady in Pittsburgh said it was scary.
siriusloon 4
"Hire" how? By its very definition, hiring means paying them and they're not getting paid. Have you forgotten that Trump "proudly" shut down the government? I don't see you volunteering to work for free either.
tom treutlein -1
Good idea
this job action will cause longer waits, from a administration not interested in citizen satisfaction or public services. Get used to more of the same.
siriusloon -4
The difference between "proudly" shutting down the government -- "maybe for years" -- and then calling a national emergency and using executive decrees to impose his demands is different from being a no way at all. Get your head out of your asses and stop thinking it can't happen here. It *IS* happening and every Trump apologist bears part of the responsibility and shame (but instead they will shriek at me for daring to point this out and will continue to ignore the reality of what they're enabling).
well said..this site is not supposed to be for airing of some "political issues",but in this case,the point you are making is "spot on",and I respect you for voicing it..does anyone remember an old cartoon character from years ago whose main comedy lined was "I will gladly pay you Tuesday for a hamburger today"...?well, that appears to be what is expected of government all honesty,would anyone here literally work for free ?
tcavin 1
Maybe this will improve service with fewer mall cops between you and your flight. Privatize this function
If you privatize they still would not receive checks. The shutdown also includes government contractors. I know because I'm one of them.
tcavin 0
not if it's a service provided by the airlines/airports....get the government out of it
I presume you do know that some airports are run by local governments with close ties to the FAA?
What you are proposing would never happen. Too much disruption and after this debacle, the last thing people need or want. Not practical.
tcavin 2
less government....less disruption
Ken McIntyre -5
Considering this source, CNN, I'm leaning toward sensationalism rather than truth. Sure, there will be some call in sick other than the legitimate illnesses. And, the screeners WILL GET PAID, The checks might be late, though.
siriusloon 9
Fox reported it, too. Sorry to burst your bubble.
Nice response! There’s always one, isn’t there?
btweston -6
This whole dumb shutdown is sensationalism.

Mexico was going to pay for the wall. Yeah, right. They didn’t.

Republicans controlled both houses of Congress for two years. They didn’t pay for the wall.

Now the Democrats, who never wanted the wall, have to pay for it or the government must be shut down. “Maybe even for years,” your idiot President says.

And you want to knock CNN, eh? We totally take you seriously, pal.
Please make political comments elsewhere.
This IS a political calamity that’s affecting more than you know. No getting g away from that, sorry.
Ken McIntyre -2
Yeah, I get your message. It's ok for Clinton and Obama to play these games, but not Trump.

You're sure right about one thing. All of DC is one corrupt mess.
siriusloon 0
So what you hated about them, you love it when Trump does it? Didn't your mommy ever tell you two wrongs don't make a right?

Trump promised, countless times, that the wall wouldn't cost American taxpayers a dime. Now he wants $5 billion of your tax dollars just to *start* construction. Why are you cherrypicking which of his promises (aka lies) you choose to believe and which ones you conveniently forget?
Ken McIntyre -4
My, aren't YOU a nasty person. Get a life.
Don’t like the responses, eh? Something about heat in the kitchen.....
siriusloon -6
Yep, if it ain't on Faux News, it never happened. What's it like to stumble through your daily existence oblivious to reality? Does your mommy still hold your hand to walk you to work and wipe your nose for you?
TWA55 1
Well when the government has it's hands in everything this is what you can get. Maybe those who vote for more government should not complain, be glad your doctor etc. is not employed by the gov. at least not yet.

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siriusloon -3
I'm sure trump's buddies would line up to get that contract, then he could appoint the CEO of the winning one to the cabinet to really rip off taxpayers. There's a lengthy list of his former cabinet secretaries who did exactly that until they got caught.
David Vega -7
Hope the FlightAware folks would screen out these faux aviation articles. Is there anywhere else where one could read about aviation and not politics or sensationalism?
They might have assumed we'd be responsible.
They're like... 70% correct in that assessment. There's some howling shitgibbons in these here threads, but most of them are at least working off the same set of facts instead of treating it like a Facebook group self-love fest.
siriusloon 10
Airport security is about aviation, unless you think all planes should be locked inside hangars? If you don't like what the article is about, why did you read it?
The United were does NOT revolve around Fox News! Contrary to popular belief.. just sayin’.....
Trouble is just because YOU think it’s false doesn’t actually make it so!
Last time I checked it was on SEVERAL news sources including international. So, not just CNN. Don’t be so triggered that you cannot see reality from propaganda. Is this what Fox News is telling you?

[This poster has been suspended.]

When you don’t show up. For whatever reason. Would you if you were not paid? Be truthful.
bbabis -6
No one is going without pay. All will get backpay when settled. Anyone calling in sick simply uses a sick day up.
Not sure about TSA, but I know that some government employees may not get back pay.
siriusloon 12
Getting paid "eventually" doesn't pay rent when it's due, or buy groceries, or pay for other necessities while they wait for a day that could be weeks, months, or even -- according to Trump himself -- years away. And yes, there are people who won't get paid at all if/when this ends. Contractors won't get paid. You're online, so you can check basic facts like these before you hit send, you know.
tcavin -1
they could always find work without these kinds of potential interruptions
Go on, show us how easy it is then. We’ll hold our breath while you do that, OK?
tcavin 1
i'm too smart to work for the government....please continue to hold your breath...I'll tell you when to stop
Doug Lister -9
CNN fake news. The Tsa has disputed this story several times. Just yesterday they reported normal wait times at several major airports. I am a Airline Pilot and have not seen any unusual security delays nor has any of my many industry friends and contacts across the country. Again CNN FAKE NEWS you would think flightaware would verify these stories instead of just copy and pasting
Wilbur Wright 11
"Who you gonna believe? Me, or your lying eyes?"

Dude, screeners are out there on Twitter posting their paystubs with $0.00 in the paid column. You're just triggered because the letters "C N N" appear above the story. Quit being such a snowflake.
Sadly, you are wrong and letting your biases show.
I, too, work at a major airport, and my experience is the EXACT OPPOSITE of yours!
There are plenty of worried and anxious federal employees out there. I wonder what you would say if ATC said sorry, we do t have a clearance for you and you’re number 45 for takeoff? Bet you wouldn’t relish that, eh? Nor would your passengers.
The TSA only catches 4% of attempts to smuggle contraband through the checkpoints and is security theater -- not a deterrent worth $8 billion per year. This is an excellent time to privatize screeners and begin privatizing the rest of airline security --
Better ask trump then! I’m sure he’s thought it through and has excellent ideas on that regard. Lol.
the comments here are extremely political and indicative of the times..thats ok to a point, but this flightaware site is not meant to be the Washington post,or the new York times or cnn or fox or any other media outlet in that vein..
AWAAlum 0
Although I, and numerous others here, agree, however, the issue crosses over ... they can't be separated.
Dave Keough 0
Trump says the Mexicans are paying for the wall with the new trade deal. OK fine then take the wall money out of that and leave us taxpayers alone.It's not brain surgery. Everything that comes out of his mouth someone in his admin has to explain what he really meant.
Bob Keeping 0
How can you call in sick when not working. I hear they get paid for NOT WORKING anyway - do they get double pay if they are sick?

It should be Congress that goes without pay. Trump donates his salary anyway.
AWAAlum -1
My daddy used to say "anyone who works for free knows their self worth".

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Well then I guess we all better just give up and stop trying to be an informed electorate & citizenry.

That's quitter, talk, son. That ain't my America.
Nor mine. And I live in reality and do t do conspiracy theories nor am I easily duped. Some of us are even working professionals!
My solution is to get the news from four excellent newspapers.
Who’s the arbiter of fake news? You? Fox?
Even the venerable BBC is reporting this as does the international media outlets. Get a grip and tune in to reality for a change!
And I suppose you are the arbiter of what is it isn’t fake news! Nice, but i don’t buy it, sorry.

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AWAAlum 4
"Fck Pelosi," ... Tsk tsk, Brian.
Mike Lazaro 0
And don't the "DAMN" wall!
Dave Keough -1
Let me see if I get this a conservative anxious to spend money on a fake wall and a Liberal trying to save money against a fake wall. Sounds backwards.
Seems to me the airlines collect from us, their fare payers, fees for TSA services. Why don't the airlines simply remit that money to the TSA folks instead of sending it through the feds? Same for ATC services.


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