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Cargo plane for UPS crash lands at Louisville International Airport

A small cargo plane carrying packages for United Parcel Service made a crash landing at the Louisville Airport early Tuesday morning when it had a mechanical failure. The Shorts 360 aircraft, which was delivering packages for UPS, had two pilots on board when it crashed on runway 17L. Neither of the pilots were injured, according to UPS spokesman Jim Mayer. ( 更多...

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Gary Harper 16
It appears that Thomas Novelly at the Courier Journal either doesn't know what a crash landing is or wanted to pump up his story somewhat. From what I read, the nose gear collapsed on landing.
And they complain when we complain about fake news
Nathan Cox 10
Sorry, but a gear failure is not a crash. News media is clueless. “Emergency landing” would have been a better choice of words.
Not unless the thing was on fire before the landing. An emergency landing is one which if not done immediately will result in castrophy. Most so-called ELs are not really emergencies..I prefer 'forced' or 'precautionary' as long as the a/c is reasonably controllable. And not burning.
btweston -8
When you break the plane (or car or boat or whatever) it is a crash.
I got a flat tire the other day, does that qualify as a crash?

Let's not histrionics of the Media, get the better of us.
Mike Risney 1
I had a pretty bad crash the other day with my car, luckily I was able to change the broken windshield wiper fairly quickly ;)
Nonsense. A blown engine 'breaks' the device but is nowhere near a 'crash'.
The aircraft disintegrated on impact. NO, WAIT - - - The nose gear collapsed with minor damage.

Same thing isn't it?

Man, I sure do miss real reporting and journalism!
Well it was the disintegration of the nose gear.... so...... a bit too much dramatization
Those Shorts were built like tanks. I bet they stiff legged the gear and ferried it home for repairs.
This is not journalism, this is sensationalism. There was no crash landing, it was a nose gear collapse upon landing. And if the UPS spokesperson actually claimed it was a crash landing, that person needs to learn more about aviation or get another position.
Everything that crashes is a "small" something. Journalism is dead.
paul gilpin 4
if this is the one i'm thinking of, that is a crash of about 6".
I'm surprised they even got the type of a/c right; to most "journalists" these days all airplanes are either Cessnas or 747s. And all guns are semiautomatic Glocks or AK47s.
They must had “short” themselves when the nose gear gave out
So it landed "Shorts?"
Another article about aviation that needs to be taken with a grain of salt due to sensationalism. Editors should know better, but...
Rick Melton 1
The event was so insignificant. Listen to the tape on LiveATC. Neither the tower or pilots reported a crash. The tower didn't know about the collapsed nose wheel and thought the plane was merely disabled and couldn't taxi off the runway. The biggest problem was 17L was closed and UPS had only one runway available during a peak time.


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