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Iberia Flight Has Engine Issue Over Atlantic Ocean, Executes Emergency Landing

A359 engine issue, flight diverted. Flight was JFK to Madrid. Anyone have any additional information about this flight? ( More...

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A F 1
From Airlinerwatch
Rob Smith 1
My question relates to the handling of the passengers.... why didn't IB put them up overnight in BOS and ferry an extra aircraft to BOS to take the stranded pax to MAD, even on BA or AA with a connection?? Why bus them back to New York?
joel wiley 1
According to the story, of the 265 pax, accommodations were found for 55 due to a lack of hotel rooms. 125 had been rebooked out of BOS, 110 on the bus to NYC. As for an extra aircraft, their spare A350 is still on order. All but the last item came from the article.
A F 1
Yes I agree, the A350's are still on order for IB
joel wiley 0
From AVHerald


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