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Mexican government sells its presidential Boeing 787 aircraft

Mexico City - The Mexican government will soon sell a Boeing 787 aircraft assigned to the president. A well-known businessman has already expressed interest in taking over the Dreamliner, according to Mexican media. ( 更多...

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chugheset 6
They mention in the article the President will travel on "commercial flights". That is a hoot! I wonder if they will at least let him board with Zone 1.
So this rich friend wants to buy a 225 million dollar airplane with 100 million in improvements for 100 million?

Looks like the Mexican people are being ripped off again by their government.
matt jensen 2
Didn't know Carlos Slim needed another big jet
Reported buyer is Gustavo Jimenez Pons. He owns or has financial interests in telcoms, tv networks, aviation services in Mexico and internationally. He has also been a political candidate.
An is also close friends with Prez, so they will split the profit. Business as usual.
I will refrain from any political comment, but that looks like a bad deal to say the least. And no mention in the article to what they will switch to?
sparkie624 4
Most certainly... But some business man got one good deal!
pjshield 2
It mentioned that the new Prez will travel by commercial carriers.
Missed that. Thanks.
Certainly sounds like it.
Jeff Phipps 1
Well it mentions "he has expressed interest in". I don't think it's a done deal so maybe the price will be higher.
chalet 2
Before this aircraft was delivered to the Mexican Air Force, it was reported that it cost over US$ 500 million including VIP ammenities. It is one of the "Terrible Teens" which were difficult to sell to airlines as they were overweight and thus its range severely reduced.
lwr 4
Maybe “cost Boeing $500 million to make”..? Especially if Boeing was able to write off things like delays in the 787 program as a whole against these early examples...

I would be very surprised if this plane “cost the buyer $500 million to acquire”.
chalet 2
That is the cost as reported by the Mexican press including the outfitting. I bet that there will be no takers and Mr. Prez Will have to use like it or not rather than keeping it at some hangar gathering dust.….
In its current VIP configuration and relatively light load, the reduced range is practically a non-issue.
chalet 1
President Elect of Mexico Andres Obrador who is pushing for a lean government and doing away with expensive toys like this announced on TV last week that a "Florida company has approached the government towards acting as a lessor or renter of this and other jets and charging a commission….?. I bet this will not happen ever.
loufrankel 1
Hopefully it will get a modern paint job that is more fitting for a beautiful Dreamliner.
D Rotten 1
"The Mexican businessman Gustavo Jimenez Pons has already made an offer for the 787. Pons is ready to pay 100 million dollars for the presidential Dreamliner and then rent it out as a luxury charter."

Translation: It will be rented out to drug trafficers!!


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